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Last Chapter Biography

Last updated: 03/07/2012 11:00:00 AM

LINE UP Shawn Green (vocals), Darrin Davis (guitar), Cody Griffith (guitar), Terry Pritchard (bass), Chris Clifford (drums)

Pure, unadulterated Christian Texan Doom with a strong escatological lyrical theme. LAST CHAPTER was conceived in Arlington during 1989 as BRICK WINDOW, a trio comprising guitarist Darrin Davis, bassist Terri Pritchard and drummer Jason Spradlin. With the recruitment of second guitarist Cody Griffith the band, still minus a vocalist at this point in time, switched title to LAST CHAPTER.

By 1993 the group’s search for a singer had still not yielded results so Robert Lowe of the cult act SOLITUDE AETURNUS stepped into the breach for demo recordings. Although the tape served them well the lack of a suitable singer remained such an obstacle that the group actually disbanded. Whilst on hiatus from LAST CHAPTER the Spradlin / Pritchard rhythm axis loaned themselves out to SOLITUDE AETURNUS guitarist John Perez, sessioning on his 1996 experimental album credited to THE LIQUID SUNDAY COMPANY ‘Exploring The Psychedelic’. Perez in turn persuaded LAST CHAPTER to regroup and record an album for his Brainticket label.

Once again Robert Lowe was hired in for ‘The Living Waters’ debut, recorded in early 1997 and issued in the June. Bill Pohl also donated his services on synth guitar.

A mammoth five year gap then dragged out before arrival of a follow up. 2002’s ‘Paths To Always’ would see Shawn Green taking command of the microphone whilst Chris Clifford took over the drum stool.

Credit/s: Garry Sharpe-Young