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Dierks Bentley Last Call Lyrics

Last updated: 02/23/2009 10:00:00 AM

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Early in the afternoon is the only time my mind is clear
To think of you and the love we knew, it's a memory I hold so dear
Now we're apart i've got a broken heart, the tears fall so sincere
I know it's wrong but before too long, it's gonna be whiskey and beer

Last Call for alchol still ringing in my head
You must've ordered two more double shots from the shape that you're in
There ain't no stopping my barhoppn' should have stayed home instead
Last Call for alchol still ringing in my head

You got to stop the way you're living, you better change your short life ways
Smoking, drinking and loveing, you're just numbering your days
Though i know what i need to do, if i could just turn around today
But her memory catches up with me and this bar stool's where i'll stay

Chorus x2

Last call for alchol still ringing in my head

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