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Lasgo Biography

Last updated: 08/03/2007 12:00:00 PM

Lasgo is a brandnew dance act which has their first hit in Belgium with their debut-single Something right now. (July 2001) Something has been in the Belgian CD Singles TOP10 for seven weeks now (August 2001) with a highest place at nr 5.

The very first appearance was on the Holiday Party , one of the biggest
school's out party's in Belgium and TMF (The Belgian clip station) recorded the show to produce a video clip. In Spain, where the track was released simultaneously, results were great, the single was even the best selling vinyl at the distributor the week it was released. !

The act itself consists of Peter Luts (Producer, Keyboard player), David
Vervoort (Producer, Keyboard player, singer) and Evi Goffin (frontwoman,

Evi Goffin (aka Evy) was born on 27 februari 1981 and she's from Antwerp. You may already know her as Medusa: together with Fiocco they had a good hit with the song Miss You and New Year's day with 2 Fabiola. (a trance cover of the U2 classic)

Peter Luts has been producing for A&S Productions for over 5 years now and is the musical force behind Astroline. He has also done remixes for Milk Inc which are in my personal opinion much better then the Milk Inc. radio edits

David Vervoort (aka Dave McCullen) is a singer-producer-performer who has been DJ-ing for over 7 years and during that period he was guest in clubs in Belgium and beyond. He is, together with Peter Luts, the musical force behind Lasgo.

The song Something is already signed with Elektrola (Germany) and Positiva (UK). A videoclip has also been made in Prague !

On November 2nd, 2001 their second single Alone was released on single !
Some Things is the first full album of Lasgo and was released on November 19th, 2001 !

Single CDs

Alone (released: November 2nd, 2001)
Pray (not yet released)

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