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Red Descending Landscape Lyrics

Last updated: 07/13/2011 12:00:00 PM

Stalking! out of the shadows
No face yet I sense the power
A city in which my feet feel cold
Where dreams come to die

Walking through this landscape
It seems disturbingly familiar
But still I feel lost
This path I can no longer trust

Precious wind and calming rain
Will you sooth my mind again?
Take those thoughts that swell my eyes
And throw them back at those dam lies
Leaves fall in a vicious rage
Stirs up dust which blinds my eyes
Losing count of my age
Given up on trying

A bridge into the forest
That tunnels into the ground
Dissolves into a liquid state
And sinks into my mind

To look at the stars
When lightning strikes
Pierce my eyes
God it burns!

To look at the stars
At the edge of time
When lightning strikes
God it burns!

Moonlight flickers
I hear my name
But it's just a mirror
Driving me insane
Years roll on
What is this purpose?
The destiny of this landscape
Will be shrouded in darkness

Back in the fold
Welcome home
I'm alive