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[James Nichols from Bowling for Columbine]
Them people, law enforcement, if you want to call them that
were here and they were shaking in their shoes. They were physically
shaking, scared to death. Because certain people, said I'm a radical
I'm a wild man, I got a gun under every arm, if you say anything
I'll shoot you. If the people find out how they've been
ripped off, and enslaved, they will revolt with the blood
running in the streets.

Yo, Ticket to ride, the white crime, highway
Bring all the guns, the funds will come my way
Whether we deliverin' high grade
To the people in the pit of the tri-state
Or dabble in the hood like fly weights
Lock and load in the range with rock the globe
Made any aim possible
Til the leadbelly lost control
In the hold of the paper that fold
At one time was related to gold
Made many men lose their soul
To the price of the dice that roll
How can a light so bright make a man so cold?
So another man's plans unfold
Can you really see the truth til it happens to you
Its so severe what the hopeless will do

Ain't no pickin' your position to beginning your life
Not every man want to stand by his kids and his wife
Too many lost kids in the night
Hand on heat, grippin' it tight
Any man want beef could get it right
Followed by enough flame to put a permanent end
To the learning of men
Class session, too many the blast the last lesson
Often taught like the wars that are often fought
As old as mankind
Now outta his damn mind
Stand on the gunpowder landmine
Ready to blow at any second
I'm checking for the signs of the end
Of all-time, I figure its on time, my last thoughts forming the rhyme

Got me running through the streets
That reek of the dead, its more food to the wealthy
My niggaz on welfare, nobody givin' up healthcare
Nothing but heat, how you gonna tell me it ain't hell here?
George Bush having a swell year
Swingin' the gat, ready to clap, anything on the map
You done seen what they bring to Iraq
Now bring it back to the source, land of the physical force
Land of the gun, land of the gun, land of the gun, land of the gun!

This is the place where the cops rush in the building
Paramilitary death squads murder your children
Empty shell of a man rippin' shots in the air
Soldiers dying out there, but nobody cares
Prepare for the future but make note of the past
Or be condemned to live it again and get blast
Class warfare kept outta the news
Replaced by a corporation's political views
Cause this is where the guns are manufactured and sold
The land that was stolen stripped of all of its gold
Old timers on the death bed speakin' the wisdom
Immigrants crucified by conservative Christians
Now we all got freedom to die in the street
But the difference is more of us die in a week
Than they die in a year I made it clear
Where I stand when the line is drawn
But now the line is gone
And nigga anything goes
The land where the guns don't let anything grow
And what the fuck you niggaz know about living in hell
You not built like me you never lived in a cell
You never gambled with your soul
Fuck the ice on your hand, gun in your palm
But you got a niggaz life in your hand
Young man, just remember that slicing a gram
Is a bloody game, like throwin' mice in a fan
My words flow like the rivers thats west of Iran
The fertile crescent moon, with the star in the middle
I reveal the depth of history's scars when I scribble
I gave you the world, and I ain't even charged you a little
The martyr is crippled
The prophets are dead and buried, but the message is simple
And its not written down in holy books as a riddle

Now we running through the streets, starvin'
On that guerilla warfare
My people stuck in a guerilla warfare
Innocent children screamin' in tears
You actin' like the army ain't put hell here
Military industry havin' a swell year
Swinging a gat while lying in heaven
Living off a blank check after 9/11
But I'm have the truth brought back to the source
Fight for my land with physical force
Speak through music, the subliminal course
I need a tech and a clip, fuck a jag and a Porsche
Land of the gun, land of the gun, land of the gun, land of the gun

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yo think about it | Reviewer: the dude from across ur screen | 3/31/11

honestly think about it. Tupac was once in illiminati, when he sang about violence and what not. when he "escaped" from it, he started making songs like "hail mary" to open people's eyes that there is EVIL in this world. i RESPECT both Tupac and Immortal Technique for risking their on life to open people's eyes. all his songs have a meaning to it unlike rap now a days where all they sing is about useless shit. Honesly, I think the world has too many secrets and I wouldnt be suprise if OUR OWN goverment was responsible for 9.11. just keep in mind that EVIL does exist

No shit | Reviewer: mary nemo | 6/1/09

I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Dance With the Devil was on some oedipal metaphorical shit. But I don't know, I've never met the man. What I do know is that since before the end of World War II, the U.S. has been the world's #1 manufacturer and the #1 exporter of weapons of all classes. It would in no way be an exaggeration to say the United States maintains military facilities in almost every country on Earth. The military-industrial complex has been this nation's trump card in global policy making. France exports wine, Columbia exports coke, and the US exports guns. Any one of these products could spell death in the wrong hands, but it is in the case of arms proliferation that this is most often the case. Did you know that you could you could by an American-made M16(the older versions of the kind US troops carry) on the Somali blackmarket for less than $150 a piece. No shit you're gonna have 15 year olds robbin' food shipments off the high seas in a country where bullets are more readily available than food.

But still can be heard the self-righteous banter of those on the right and many on the left, who want to make it an issue of security. Who in the world was safer after the US armed and trained Somoza's national guard and the Mujahadeen? After the US armed Saddam, or after giving Israel nukes who was any safer? The dictatorial regimes who wouldn't be able to maintain control of their respective countries' exploited peoples and resources otherwise, that's who.

And so it persists, due to the ignorance of those too naive or too distracted to connect the dots and due to the corrupt souls of those who reap profit from the suffering and misery of others. It persists through the willingness of the media to downplay facts like 17 out of 19 those men who hijacked those planes on 9/11 were Saudi, not Afghan, not Iraqi. The Pentagon sells weapons to the Saudi royalty so that they'll keep their proles in check while big American oil business literally pumps their land, their birthright, their only natural resource, dry at the people's own expense. If it wasn't so tragic, it might be funny how quickly the media makes such details into trivia when the time comes to take action.

If it wasn't so tragic, it might be funny that the nuances of sad contradictions in rhetoric and policy are lost on Americans affluent enough to proudly consider themselves average, when they really mean blissfully naive. To him, the conservative, nothing ever happened, nothing ever changed, nothing ever ought to. They fiddle with their dicks as the world burns around them.

Some artists merit fans. Other masters merit disciples.

Immortal Technique, you ain't shit.

Land of the gun | Reviewer: the d and pharo'n | 2/13/09

I don't care whether he is going change America or any thing else; all I know is this man changed me a lot:read nigga,read..... wow, he historian,revolutionist,poet,rapper and great motivator and as well he is not affected by materialism.
rap in his prime time indeed...

The D from Ethiopia

Background Music | Reviewer: Justis | 6/22/08

The version on Portable Immortal has the theme from, I think it is Sergio Leone's The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, I think the music might have been used in the other parts of the trilogy. Great song, great album, have to recommend Revolutionary 1 & 2 as well.

re:jennelle | Reviewer: IMMORTALFAN | 3/28/08

no ones praising immortals past and he isnt creating a track about what he did for publicity hes creating it for awareness hes telling people who go around raping people " youknow thats someones mum aswell" so hes saying he raped sumone and feels bad for it but if he made a track saying just that he raped a woman no one would take notice so he makes the person the man rapes into the rapists mum and that makes people think wich is what hes set out to do

too true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/07

This man speaks what no one else will say,
but what we all know to be true.
Now we're running through the streets.
Great message, nice vocals, excellent imagery...
I recommend this song to every person alive.

backgorund music? | Reviewer: zito3591 | 12/10/07

what is the name of the song in the background? sounds like it would come from a skate/ski video. it goes real well with the lyrics.. i love how he's real in depth and very descriptive with his words.

Elemental | Reviewer: Escape | 10/22/07

this man is just opening ya eyez R'tards!keep on talkin' shit ..u just wanna try to convince yourself this is only a song...phockin'G.W. BUSH lovers.its true violence inflicts more violence but..u know .theory is a lil bit different of practical shit ...and yeah ..i want to rape , kill if this is going to make a better world ;)

change | Reviewer: Jenelle | 10/14/07

speaking the truth is great, and as far as any of us know or wish to believe he does speak the truth. but there is something more that can be done than simply speaking the truth...than simply acting so immorally, like raping another human being, and then creating lyrics about it. That is not something to necessarily praise...even if technique has changed!? i like some of his lyrics and ideas and the insight they give. but change for the good people is not that difficult, it shouldnt be taking us this long to figure it all out, but it does, we're like ponies on a merry go round...never fucking getting it!

good shit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/07

yo this man knows what he is talkin about he speaks da truth and i think this man is keepin hip hop alive

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