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Lame Ducks Biography

Last updated: 10/19/2007

Lame Ducks is one of the most talented bands to hit the Norwegian punk scene in a long time. The band plays extroverted music in the ska-punk genre. Catchy tunes with a punch is the trademark of Lame Ducks.

The band started out back in 1996. Todays band composition came together in 1998. The band has put their emphasis on being a smashing live band, something they proved when they hit the stage at by:Larm (equivalent to "South by South West" in the US and "In the City" in the UK) in Tromso, Norway, in 2001. They played together with Norwegian bands Farout Fishing and Drunk, and both the media and the crowd enjoyed themselves at the spectacular show Lame Ducks put on.

In May 2001 the band head out to tour with UK ska-punk act SPUNGE. On their Norwegian leg of the tour, the band did 4 shows with Spunge, and this ended up as being their break thru in Norway.

In May/June 2002 the band did their first two tours in Europe. They played 15 gigs in Germany and Switzerland. In the summer of 2002 they played at Arvika festival in Sweden – with bands like Amulet, Bombshell Rocks and Division of Laura Lee.

Musical references of the band include Operation Ivy, Suicide Machines, Link 80, Rancid, Less than Jake, etc...