Lamb Of God Albums

  • Resolution Album (1/24/2012)
    Straight For The Sun
    Ghost Walking
    The Undertow
    The Number Six
    Terminally Unique
    To The End
    King Me

  • Wrath Album (2/23/2009)
    In Your Words
    Set To Fail
    Fake Messiah
    Broken Hands
    Dead Seeds
    Everything To Nothing
    Choke Sermon
    We Die Alone
    Shoulder Of Your God
    Condemn The Hive

  • Sacrament Album (8/22/2006)
    Walk With Me In Hell
    Again We Rise
    Foot To The Throat
    Blacken The Cursed Sun
    Forgotten (Lost Angels)
    More Time To Kill
    Beating On Deaths Door

  • Killadelphia Album (12/13/2005)
    Laid To Rest
    As The Palaces Burn
    Now You've Got Something To Die For
    Eleventh Hour
    Terror And Hubris In The House Of Frank Polard
    The Faded Line
    The Subtle Arts Of Murder And Persuasion
    What I've Become
    Black Label

  • Ashes of the Wake Album (8/31/2004)
  • As the Palaces Burn Album (5/6/2003)
  • New American Gospel Album (9/1/2000)
  • Burn The Priest Album (5/1/1998)

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    Reviews about Lamb Of God albums

    Spectacular | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Ashes of the Wake performed by Lamb Of God

    True, tqh, that this album is a justification. It justifies that internal and external political views can be expressed simultaneously. But I must disagree with your comparison of LOG and hatebreed and slipknot. While those two bands are good in their own respect, they pale in comparison to LOG. Those other two bands are very onesided, while LOG is so multifaceted. They write songs that speak volumes about personal resposibility and admonish apathy. Plus they make you wanna beat the shit out of the idiot next to you! Combine that with the ability to pull off an instrumental track, and make a complete, fluid album. Shame on you for even mentioning LOG and hatebreed/slipknot in the same sentence, even though I did twice in this review ;)

    If you don't buy this I will cut your face off and eat it | Reviewer: Scott
        ------ About the album Killadelphia performed by Lamb Of God

    This is LoG showing how fucked up the world is through their music. You might have the cd's which already contain all these songs but, without this album you lack the energy which comes from them live. I have never heard a front-man work a crowd so hard.. This a must have live album for every metal head. Words cannot express what is contained on this cd. "this is lamb of god at their finest hour"

    great | Reviewer: tqh
        ------ About the album Ashes of the Wake performed by Lamb Of God

    the album really justified how awesome lamb of god is they've developed into one of the leading heavy metal bands of the 04 with album it puts them right with hatebreed and slipknot i give it two fist up

    Bad Ass Fuckers | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album As the Palaces Burn performed by Lamb Of God

    I dont really give a shit who all reads this, but I do hope One of the dudes from Lamb Of God stumble across it because I just want them to know that it's about fuckin time a metal band came out with some REAL guitar players. Man I learned just about all of both cd's{i know theres more but Im a fairly new fan, about a year} and that's the baddest shit that has came out in a long time. I dont play in drop D, and I pretty sure Lamb Of God does, so that makes it a little harder {lot harder sometimes} but I love the technicality of it. That shit will give your fingers a work out!
    I'm so tired of all these 3 chord,whiny-assed, gay rock bands. Metalheads like me needed some brutal shit to listen to. I've played with my band for about 5-6 years {I'm 22 now} and that was about all I had to jam to that was heavy enough without being fucking stupid. Anyway, Lamb of God dudes, keep kickin ass man and maybe one day I,ll be there too.

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