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Rush Lakeside Park Lyrics

Last updated: 09/29/2013 01:07:35 PM

[00:00.39]Thank you
[00:02.28]Thank you very much
[00:06.31]'We'd like to do somethin for ya right now thats on Caress of Steel
[00:10.35]This is a song that Neil wrote the lyrics for
[00:13.08]About a place no to far from where he was born
[00:16.41]Not to far from here as a matter of fact
[00:19.01]Its called Lakeside Park

[00:36.88]Midway hawkers calling
[00:39.29]'Try your luck with me'
[00:41.78]Merry-go-round wheezing
[00:44.35]The same old melody
[00:46.74]A thousand ten cent wonders
[00:49.40]Who could ask for more
[00:51.86]A pocketful of silver yes...
[00:54.45]The key to heaven's door

[00:57.29]Lakeside Park
[00:59.62]Willows in the breeze
[01:02.11]Lakeside Park
[01:04.20]So many memories
[01:06.92]Laughing rides
[01:09.60]Midway lights
[01:12.02]Shining stars on summer nights

[01:41.29]Days of barefoot freedom
[01:43.84]Racing with the waves
[01:46.36]Nights of starlit secrets
[01:48.89]Crackling driftwood flames
[01:51.41]Drinking by the lighthouse
[01:53.97]Smoking on the pier
[01:56.53]Still we saw the magic
[01:58.69]Was fading every year

[02:01.62]Alex Solo

[02:21.66]Lakeside Park
[02:24.18]Willows in the breeze
[02:26.68]Lakeside Park
[02:28.88]So many memories
[02:31.59]Laughing rides
[02:34.20]Midway lights
[02:36.63]Shining stars on summer nights

[03:17.55]Everyone would gather
[03:19.57]On the twenty-fourth of May
[03:22.34]Sitting in the sand
[03:24.05]To watch the fireworks display
[03:27.60]Dancing fires on the beach
[03:30.17]Singing songs together...
[03:32.80]Though it's just a memory
[03:35.13]Some memories last forev

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Memories from My Youth.. | Reviewer: Robin Ross | 7/26/13

Having grown up in Port Dalhousie;and part-time in the Peart's home; this song brings back all the memories clearly. Now if only Neal would write about the time we became shipwrecked on his parents houseboat with their seasick poodle; Louie, or skidooing winters in North Bay...

respond | Reviewer: night flyer | 6/8/13

You have no right to talk bad about them.

Quote from anonymous needless to say. Rush are the best in my opinion but James has every right to say what he feels. Who the hell are you to say no one has the right to express an opinion?? As****e!!

Rush fan! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/13

"Yes James. This band is childish. You are a better musician than them. I admire you. "
Is it enough for you or should I praise you again?
You have no right to talk bad about them.

Rush Fan Forever | Reviewer: Tammy | 1/11/13

As a 30 year fan this is not one of my favorite Rush songs, but touching and nostalgic enough that when I found myself on a road trip from Maryland to Toronto, I swung through St. Catharines. Port Dalhousie is charming. I did what Neil probably intends for the listener to do when he writes lyrics..I could picture the scene. Unfortunately it was the end of October and the carousel was closed!

Neil da man | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/12

Quick to anger, quick to judge, slow to understand. Neil is a philosopher James. This song is a touching little pop ditty, and the lyrics reflect this. You may not like Rush much, but they're a cut above many, and I say that as a writer of abstract Jazz, and a graduate of LCM, and GSMD.

So many Memories | Reviewer: Gerard | 4/6/12

This song is a classic and reaches out to anyone who has fond memories of time spent in their youth at any beach in the world.
I remember Sauble Beach, Balm Beach and Wasaga Beach and Confederation Park. Although they may not have had the Merry go round they had the arcades and hawkers. Youth is in the heart my friends. And memories are a refuge from today's day to day struggles. :-)

becush | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/11

Damn..James is an idiot. Rush is so special in part because they wrote/played what they wanted to play. If they didn't, then The Fountain of Lamneth, La Villa Strangiato, Cynus X-1(and book 2) & By-Tor&the Snowdog would never have been created. Their ability to expand the idea of what music can be beyond our average imagination is why they are considered by some to be the best/most unique etc. Love rush btw (obvious innit?!)

Ginger | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/11

man, honestly james, i don't give a rats a** what you think. I personally like these lyrics and what they stand for. Neil wrote about what he beleived and nothing got in the way of that. That's what makes him a genius in my opinion.

get real | Reviewer: james | 3/1/11

the lyrics ( if you can call them that) are SO freeking lame and childish.ANY one could have written them baded on ANY memories that had of growning up in port.. just like i did.Fact is i AM a music artist myself and got no real "images" of how that magic in lakeside park really was from this trivial and amateurish "song/lyric" that like ALL other efforts by this lame and boring band and "lyricist" put out and others call"genius and the best band in all the world"... SHITE! get REAL .. LOL

Growing Up! | Reviewer: Harry | 11/19/09

I was born in Toronto in June of 1957. My parents moved us to Southern California in August of 1961. As a child I would fly back to Toronto for summer vacations. My Grandma mother and Uncle would book a vacation cottage at Port Delhouise and as a child I would spend summer afternoons and evenings at the midway. This song was written for me, I love it!
Did I hear condos, dear god no!

not in kingsville | Reviewer: nicole | 7/3/08

yes your right this is about port dalhousie, st. Catharines Ontario Canada :)

Two nights ago all the things in this song happened but for Canada day:)
incredible times, I love port they even played this song
bad news though port will soon be gone
like all the cool bars and everything its going to be built into condos R.I.P I wish there was something we could all do

Yo.. It isn't in KINGSVILLE ! | Reviewer: Jason Barker | 2/21/08

Just wanted to make this correct. It is in St.Catharines, Ontario. Specifically Port Dalhousie. so sorry to burst your bubble dude. Neil Peart went to Lakeport High School, In St. Catharines. Lakeside Park is in Port Dalhousie, St.Catharines, Ontario CANADA !!

Kingsville | Reviewer: Jonny | 2/5/08

i just found out recently that lakeside park is about the actual lakeside park in small town kingsville (in case your wondering where that is, look at the most southern tip of ontario, or rather canada for the fact), and well its cool to know that my small town is recognized by one of the best bands in my opinion in the world

dickthestick | Reviewer: dick engel | 5/24/06

i learned how to play thissong an loved it can ihear it