Lake Street Dive Albums

  • Bad Self Portraits Album (2/18/2014)
    Bad Self Portraits
    Stop Your Crying
    Better Than
    Rabid Animal
    You Go Down Smooth
    Use Me Up
    Bobby Tanqueray
    Just Ask
    What About Me
    Rental Love

  • Fun Machine Album (4/1/2012)
    Clear A Space
    I Want You Back
    Rich Girl
    This Magic Moment

  • Lake Street Dive Album (11/9/2010)
    Hello? Goodbye!
    Don't Make Me Hold Your Hand
    My Heart's In Its Right Place
    I Don't Really See You Anymore
    Miss Disregard
    Funny Not To Care
    Neighbor Song
    Got Me Fooled
    We All Love The Same Songs
    My Speed

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