Lake Of Tears Albums

  • The Neonai Album
    Intro (The Neonai)
    Return Of Ravens
    The Shadowshires
    Leave A Room
    Can Die No More
    Nathalie And The Fireflies
    Let Us Go As They Do
    Down The Nile

  • Black Brick Road Album (11/1/2004)
    The Greymen
    Making Evenings
    Black Brick Road
    The Organ
    A Trip With The Moon
    Sister Sinister
    Rainy Day Away

  • Forever Autumn Album (8/24/1999)
    So Fell Autumn Rain
    Hold On Tight
    Forever Autumn
    Pagan Wish
    The Homecoming
    Come Night I Reign
    Demon You / Lily Anne
    To Blossom Blue

  • A Crimson Cosmos Album (4/27/1997)
    Boogie Bubble
    Cosmic Weed
    When My Sun Comes Down
    Devil's Diner
    The Four Strings Of Mourning
    To Die Is To Wake
    Lady Rosenred
    Raistlin And The Rose
    A Crimson Cosmos

  • Headstones Album (10/17/1995)
  • Greater Art Album (9/30/1994)

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