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Lamb Of God Laid To Rest Lyrics

Last updated: 11/17/2014 02:02:53 AM

If there was a single day I could live,
A single breath I could take,
I'd trade all the others away.

The bloods on the wall,
So you might as well just admit it.
And bleach out the stains,
Commit to forgetting it.
You're better off empty and blank,
Than left with a single pathetic trace of this..

Smother another failure.
Lay this to rest.
Console yourself, you're better alone,
Destroy yourself, see who gives a fuck,
Absorb yourself, you're better alone,
Destroy yourself.

I'll chain you to the truth,
For the truth shall set you free,
I'll turn the screws of vengeance,
And bury you with honesty.

I'll make all your dreams come to life,
And slay them as quickly as they came.

Smother another failure.
Lay this to rest.

Console yourself, you're better alone,
Destroy yourself, see who gives a fuck,
Absorb yourself, you're better alone,
Destroy yourself.

See who gives a fuck!
See who gives a fuck!
See who gives a fuck!


If there was a day I could live,
If there was a single breath I could take,
I'd trade all the others away,
I'd trade all the others away.

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deception | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/14

this is song is of evil. There's no way you can find the word "Fuck" or "Destroy yourself". Band may sound good and but it is deceiving. Evil has long walked the earth, be wise. Don't just read the bible, analyze it! For some copies are misleading and corrupted.

when they use the quran in the intro , they meant some thing negative ?!! | Reviewer: omar | 8/7/13

when they use the quran in the intro , they meant some thing negative ?!!
because guys i am a Muslim and i really want to know why lamb of god used the quran on the intro ?!!!!!!

To James Keith | Reviewer: KhannG | 7/4/13

You know james Keith... People like you need to be banged hard in their fucken ears and then in their nose and eyes...

People like you just claim things and when we stick a dick in their asses they just start to suirt.... So just shut the fuck up and stop insulting others religions. We are all glad you are a fucken aetheist... so shut the fuck up we dont need your views about christiantinity.

It's about whatever you want it to be | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/13

people interpret songs however they want. If you think it's about religion, then cool. If you think it's about war, cool. If you think it's about fucking Mario, for fuck sakes, cool. It's your choice. Just enjoy this fucking awesome band \m/

Plox stop with Jesus. | Reviewer: Kirk cocain | 3/24/13

Don't bring Jesus into this, it's a song about the war in Iraq, and you talk about Jesus like he is God, but he ain't God he was just a man, praise God you fool. drugs sex money, hope I make it to heaven.

Not religion man | Reviewer: Aj | 12/26/12

the song's about Iraq. He's talking about Bush. All the "crimes against humanity" he's committed and all that. I can't believe people actually think religion was involved. Oh and kick ass song.

Enough with the religious BS!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/12

I fucking love this song but looking at the reviews I can't beleive the amount of religious propaganda. I will insult a religion but never a person for following that religion. I was a passive christian but I eventually gave up on it. Looking at history Religion has caused nothing but war and prejudice. If there was no religon there would be no crusades, no holocaust and no 9/11. I've written lyrics about how people use religion as an excuse to hurt people. But I think the lyrics are not about religion. Its just a kickass song.

thank you sir | Reviewer: Deborah | 9/29/12

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Great tune | Reviewer: Harvey | 6/15/12

This is a good song. That is all. If you disagree, why are you here. Donnington 2012, first time I've seen them. Hopefully not the last. I've grown up around so much religion. Fuck it. It's the biggest problem the world faces. People arguing to death over things they can't prove. Fuck every god, fuck you if you're taking offence to this, I like music. It's not my god, but I dedicate my life to it because I like it, and I hope to create my own. People who dedicate their lives to entities, you're stupid. How arrogant do you have to be anyway, to say, I killed myself for you, all I ask is that you worship me. If there was a god, he'd be an arrogant prick who just wanted control. Grow up. Oh yeah, great song by the way!

Who cares | Reviewer: Earl-lindsay DeathReaper | 4/12/12

Guys why are you really down to religion and stuff!!!!? LOG is awsome.. I don't care about what song is about... Atleast its metal and its making me headbang.. Im a christian but it doesn't mean the LOG I listen to makes me not a christian!!! Its music enjoy it!!! LOG YOU GUYS ROCK ON!! BIG TIME!!\m/

cry for help | Reviewer: james keith | 3/13/12

dude they could be christians but not practice aka lamb of god! but i'm atheist and probably know more about your religion than you but lamb of god is amazing first and favorite metalcore band ive ever heard :)

LoG RULES!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/12

LOG RULES. You Freakin' Priests Better Fuck Off! I do Believe in God But I Don't Have a Religion but that Doesn't mean i'm The Satan's Right Hand! So Fuck You All! (Except LOG Fans!) If You Believe in Christ and blah blah, why the hell did you come to this page?? LOG RULES!

Another interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/12

Well, maybe Suraj, "the truth" could be the truth about (Christian) religion... but it's actually the opposite of what you say, so, they want to say God doesn't exist, it could be hard to believe, or whatever, but it shall help/free you... anyway, i respect your beleifs and the song is just amazing \m/ (sorry for my english, is quite bad)

Suraj Arambam Is a moron | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/25/11

grow up Suraj Arambam, i bet you believe in santa clause and the easter bunny as well? This song is badass, and im sure doesnt have anything to do with Jesus or his other mexican deciples.

unscrewing satanic plan | Reviewer: Suraj Arambam | 9/19/11

This song is really awesome.In the Holy Bible we find the verse "then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32). Now let us consider if anyone is trying to "chain you to the truth" then that is the work of Satan. He can fulfill all your fleshly desires, yet you are going to fail in every realm of life. Jesus is the truth, the way and the life. This song is sarcastically unscrewing the plot of Satan, so that you people aware of it and come to Jesus. If you fail to understand this, your soul is heading towards hell and FAILURE is yours.