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Lafee Biography

Last updated: 09/08/2010

Why shouldn't we say it right away? LaFee (17) is the most successful female German singer of the moment! Her career is very unique and hard to compare! Being 15 when she started out with her first single "Scabies" (in 2006) she approached something that hasn't been possible for a newcomer in Germany in a long time. Her debut album "LaFee" (2006) went straight to No.1 and sold over 300.000 units. By today the record went platinum and triple gold. Wherever she appears - her fans go totally crazy. Her website counts more users than Robbie William's. She already played three great tours and has been on countless Coversheets of the biggest music- and teen magazines. Her success continued with the release of her second album "Now's The Time" (2007), which went gold as well. The highlight - career wise - so far: The German music industry honored her in 2007 with two ECHO awards - "Best Female Artist National" and "Best Newcomer"! In 2008 she won the category "Best Female Artist National" again. A career you normally only can dream of - in less than 24 month!

Yes, it's really only 2,5 years ago when LaFee (daughter of a Greek and a German) was a normal girl known as Christina. She dreamed of a career as singer when she went to school like everybody her age, spending her afternoons with her friends in her parent's living room - singing and dancing. "I never wanted to do anything else than singing. I started to "entertain" my family really early. And I remember a conversation I had with my dad. I sat in front of the TV watching a music show. And I asked my dad: How did these people make it and why doesn't someone spot me out?", tells LaFee. "My dad said: Be patient it will happen some day!" And Christina started to work for her success. Even being not older than nine she started - with the help of her mum - to send tapes to TV shows. She actually performed in three of them. That was the key! One of her TV performances, Christina was 13, was watched by Bob Arnz, a very successful German producer. And Bob Arnz had a vision: He wanted to build up a young female singer. One that would sing about topics of her generation - bedded in sharp rock music with elements of metal. The most important thing: Arnz wanted a direct, clear language - without phrases - direct to the point - ribald - like the kids talk these days. He immediately saw Christina's unique talent and got in touch with her. "Before we started working I loved HipHop and Pop. But I also always loved Rammstein and just started to get more into Rock. It became really my thing. Rock has so many ways to show emotions, you can go from totally hard to really soft and it's so energetic", says LaFee. She also liked the idea of German lyrics and being direct, open - of talking back. "You know, if things are the way they are, why not tell it like it is... And that's how I am - I say things straight to your face. I always hated people that talk behind your back and are to afraid to talk face to face." A couple of months and a couple of talks later Christina was standing in Arnz' studio in Ibiza, recording. "I remember thinking: Yes! Finally I'm doing what I ever wanted to do!"

The debut album "LaFee" showed a manifold young singer: naughty and self-confident, not afraid to speak her mind and full of energy. The music: driven by hard guitars. That's her one side, her dark side. And there's another side of LaFee - a light side, a sensitive, vulnerable side - you can find this side in her ballades. LaFee: "It was really important for me to show all the emotions in me: Being angry, talking back but also being soft and emotional. I'm not only angry but I'm always real." This mixture continues on the second album "Now's The Time". After a little break in December 2006 (LaFee: "I needed some time off to REALISE what just had happened. And I had to study for my school exams. I really wanted to get my degree!") she and Bob Arnz went back into the studio and recorded "Now's the time". Following the footsteps of it's forerunner the album contains great Pop-Songs with a rough guitar sound and loads of hit potential. Her voice developed and sounds stronger, wider, and more emotional. It's the emancipation of a young girl to a self-confident young woman. Her lyrics - even more ironic and nasty but soulful at the same time. Topic wise both albums have no bondages. "I wanted to sing about things that really happen, that people my age know and even about things that everybody knows but nobody likes to speak about!" So she sings about eating disorders and self-confidence, betrayal and love, family fights and having fun, suicide and even about sexual abuse. "And?" asks LaFee. "There is absolutely nothing I can't sing about!"

Now, 2 years after her break through ("A time where everything went from cero to 100 and run so fast") LaFee opens a new chapter in her unbelievable career: Fans all over Europe are calling for the 17 years old. Fans in France, Italy, Spain want their new star to perform in their countries." That was something I never assumed to happen. I mean I'm German and now I have fans in other countries. I can't believe that they found out about me but it's so great. It's just really overwhelming." Recording an English album was the next step and the result is "Shut Up". "Shut Up" is a perfect mixture out of her first and second German album. A mixture that shows her career out of a perfect view, that reflects her career and shows best the artist and person LaFee. Twelve songs were recorded in English. From the main track "Shut Up" over her first hit "Scabies", "Come On", "Little Princess", "Hot" to LaFee's favorite song "What's Wrong With Me" - all the fans have been asking for is on that record. And yes, of course there will be some discussions about her very special and direct lyrics. The translation hasn't weakened the original meaning. There are no milder words. Political Correctness! No way! LaFee: "That's the way I am, that's the way I talk! Nobody tells me how to behave. Why should that be different in another language?"

It's been said: LaFee doesn't wear a muzzle - that's the authentic secret of her success. And this story of success is meant to be continued - all over Europe!