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Kano Lady Killer Lyrics

Last updated: 10/13/2012 10:16:42 AM

Watch how I steal her heart like an old school villain
armed robbery slide down from the ceiling
Hand cuff first tie her up by the bed
Strip search her from the toes to the head
I know I keep posing a threat
So you can forget the code word, code red
shh don't tell nobody
Cause everybody knows informer for dead
creep in the club jump out of the van
trap door back door holdin my gang
looking for a target to swarm on
Get my Jason Bourne on
you're for real I'm for realer
I'm Count Drac your dinner
smooth criminal
but more like a ladies thriller cause I'm a lady killer

I love her like Achian hard food
I'm a teachers pet in the classroom
but I still attend detentions in the afternoon
so I can try and steal her heart too
she was like no at first til
I made her say "oh yes" like Churchill
she sends me pictures on the internet
that's because I got the links effect
she lets me break all the rules
even let me skip class in the school's hall
I know Asher Roth said he loved college
but boy I love school

Cause that lesson last week was awfully crazy I wish we taped it
Cause she taught me things that I never new and A starred me, too
Cause I'm a lady killer

When I say I'm gonna kill a woman
I don't mean it literally
Seven links a week
one day I kill them instantly
And ever since infamy
I just done so keen that I've been mass murderin
I take a woman to the highest heights
if she feel shaken up tell her that's turbulence
the last man weren't as fly as I
every time I hit her I'm delivering a dinner
I fill the belly up I'm heading up for the liquor
oh my god Scilla were her words for realer
bigger than the average nigga
because I'm a lady killer
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