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The Mamas & the Papas Lady Genevieve Lyrics

Last updated: 05/14/2007 12:00:00 PM

In a place far from here,
Circled by mountains,
Her skirts are raised;
She gently sways.
And kings cannot relieve
Lady Genevieve

Through a glass crystal sphere
Slowly revolving---
Her life is seen;
The blues are green
And holy man decieve
Lady Genevieve.

Butterfly to a pin
Frozen in final motion.
Her colors fade
The bargain's made.
Collectors have achieved
Lady Genevieve.

Night has come,
So spread your wings
While they all are sleeping.
Try the wind;
Your wings will mend.
And happily conceive,
Lady Genevieve.

Lady Genevieve,
Torn from the willow,
Rest your head,
And none shall ere recieve.
My Lady Genevieve.