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Babyshambles Lady Don't Fall Backwards Lyrics

Last updated: 05/03/2009 12:00:00 PM

Once upon a time
When the cold wind that blows
When the cold wind that blows in my heart
It was a summer's breeze
And she'd meet me
In Chinatown for opium and tea
And she always brought me flowers
but I spared you those old ballads
some songs I couldn't play
every giro day
Where you'd dress me like a ladyboy
And take me high out of the way
don't let the horse chase the new deal away
for make love in the morning
I see your eyes look like two marbles in my head

But Lady don't you fall backwards
Come on fall into my arms
no, don't you fall backwards
I wouldn't want for you to come to any harm
And tell me if the darkness comes
then, I will sing you a song
where I will love you forever
or at least Till the morning comes
But don't you fall backwards
Come on and fall into my arms
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