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Lacuna Coil is a six-member band hailing from Milan, Italy,
although the vast majority of their lyrics are sung in
English. Their music is usually lumped into the category of
“goth metal”; however, they’ve developed their own unique
sound by using heavily distorted guitars overlaid with
melodic keyboard arrangements and a powerful blend of both
male and female lead vocals. The name “Lacuna Coil” means
“empty spiral” and is said to represent the band’s life
philosophy. Major players in the More...

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Review about Lacuna Coil songs
hallucinogenic | Reviewer: psycho
    ------ About the song Trip the Darkness performed by Lacuna Coil

this song is about dropping acid, or for that case any hallucinogenic drug.
he sees beauty everywhere, has no sense of time and space, and he is drawn by it every time, though its a dark situation

Wow. | Reviewer: Chrissy
    ------ About the song Comalies performed by Lacuna Coil

This entire album - but especially this song - blows me away. I didn't ever *really* listen to Lacuna Coil until they played live on the Revolver tour - I actually went for ESTK. But I loved Lacuna Coil's set so I started listening to Comalies. I'm very glad I did. It's now definitely in my top 10 albums. Their new album is pretty good too. All of the bands on that tour were great; I honestly think that was my favorite freaking show I've ever gone to, and I went alone!! Lol. Anyway yeah. This song is just amazing <3

let's talk about the song? | Reviewer: notatruefan
    ------ About the song Senzafine (English translation) performed by Lacuna Coil

I really like the lyric:

I don't know anymore if I should desire good or evil
Although sin maybe gives me more

It's a universal symptom of the human condition in that many ways there's right and wrong for a society but they aren't always that simple to an individual. The cross roads are do you decide to do what's best for everyone or what's best for you. At least that's what I get from it.

Essence Of Gothic Metal Elegance! | Reviewer: Toure Cannon
    ------ About the song Heaven's A Lie performed by Lacuna Coil

This is the song that got me into Lacuna Coil! They're no.1 on my list of my Favorite Gothic Metal bands. This song has Feeling and a mood to it.till this day forth...I still listen to them!

The Daywalking ShadowWeaver | Reviewer: Toure Cannon
    ------ About the song Daylight Dancer performed by Lacuna Coil

A song about Immortality and overcoming an cheating death.Reminds me of Blade....The DayWalker.Trying To Move Down In This Grave,meaning fighting your way out...TRIUMPHANT IN VICTORY! A damn good song!"Paganism at its best!

WTF | Reviewer: mojoinaboxx
    ------ About the song Swamped performed by Lacuna Coil

I see all these reviews about how good this song is and maybe I am just old fasioned but to me this, as with a lot of music these days has no lyrical sustenance, Honestly I felt my IQ dropping as I listened and read the lyrics. Better luck next time.

Very Relatable Song | Reviewer: Miranda
    ------ About the song Survive performed by Lacuna Coil

I came into this world fighting for my life. This song really fits me. Everytime I get in a situation where I'm scared I can't go through with what I'm faced I remember this song.

best song ever | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Tight Rope performed by Lacuna Coil

This is my favorite song hands down. i cant get it out of my head ever since i first heard it and i was afraid to read the lyrics because for me that almost always ruins the song. in this case it was the opposite and has only strengthened my feelings about it. great song

Sweet, sad bliss | Reviewer: Jay R.
    ------ About the song Falling Again performed by Lacuna Coil

'Tis absolutely wondrpus! Gorgeous voice with a sweet accent that adds a deep and emotional weight to the song. The lyrics are both haunting yet blissful, mirroring the complications in life for many a soul. If only all music could be so gorgeously pieced together with a perfeft emotional weight to place upon one's heart and lift from one's shoulders.

only my opinion, but... | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Senzafine (English translation) performed by Lacuna Coil

Okay, this needs to be said. Evanescense and Lacuna Coil are both amazing bands. Lacuna coil's style is very much en masse, there is a lot more of a group talking in their lyrics. Like they are speaking to a crowd.

Amy is more personal, like she is talking to her audience individually. I do NOT agree that Ben's lyrics were poor or were "cheesy". "Fallen" as an album was was a way of introducing their european and british fans to their music, it was also a joint project. Amy AND Ben wrote the lyrics, you cannot judge the album on who wrote it when they both wrote it.

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