Lacuna Coil Albums

  • Broken Crown Halo Album (4/1/2014)
    Nothing Stands in Our Way
    Hostage to the Light
    Die & Rise
    I Forgive (But I Won't Forget Your Name)
    I Burn in You
    In the End I Feel Alive
    One Cold Day

  • Dark Adrenaline Album (1/23/2012)
    Trip The Darkness
    Against You
    Kill The Light
    Give Me Something More
    End Of Time
    I Don't Believe In Tomorrow
    The Army Inside
    Losing My Religion
    My Spirit
    Soul Inmate

  • Shallow Life Album (4/21/2009)
    I Won't Tell You
    Not Enough
    I'm Not Afraid
    I Like It
    The Pain
    Wide Awake
    The Maze
    Shallow Life
    Bonus Tracks
    The Last Goodbye
    Leaving Alone

  • Karmacode Album (3/31/2006)
    To The Edge
    Our Truth
    Within Me
    You Create
    What I See
    Fragments Of Faith
    In Visible Light
    The Game
    Without Fear
    Enjoy The Silence

  • Comalies Album (10/29/2002)
  • Unleashed Memories Album (3/20/2001)
  • Halflife Album (10/1/2000)
  • In a Reverie Album (6/8/1999)
  • Lacuna Coil Album (4/7/1998)

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    Reviews about Lacuna Coil albums

    this is the best album | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Comalies performed by Lacuna Coil

    the new stuff is crap and i think this is the shit album and there new sound sucks!! go back to this sound

    It Grows On You!!! | Reviewer: Jessica
        ------ About the album Unleashed Memories performed by Lacuna Coil

    Oh My God! I love Lacuna Coil! There are so flippin' awesome! When i first heard this CD I was like it's okay. But when you listen to it like your third time it's the best CD in the world! It really grows on you. Give it a listen. You'll love it!

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