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Lacuna Coil is a six-member band hailing from Milan, Italy, although the vast majority of their lyrics are sung in English. Their music is usually lumped into the category of “goth metal”; however, they’ve developed their own unique sound by using heavily distorted guitars overlaid with melodic keyboard arrangements and a powerful blend of both male and female lead vocals. The name “Lacuna Coil” means “empty spiral” and is said to represent the band’s life philosophy. Major players in the European metal scene for nearly a decade, the band was virtually unknown in the U.S. until they began touring there in 2003-4, with probably their greatest exposure resulting from the infamous Ozzfest tour. This discovery by American fans subsequently made their most recent CD entitled “Comalies” the best-selling release in the history of their record label, Century Media, with over 150,000 copies sold last year in the U.S. alone. In addition to touring with Ozzfest, having a song (“Swamped”) on the soundtrack of the movie “Resident Evil: Apocalypse” introduced them to new legions of U.S. fans. Add to that the promotion of “Comalies” through commercials on major music-video TV channels, and you have the recipe for the band’s newfound international success.

The brainchild of bassist and chief songwriter Marco Coti-Zelati and his long-time friend, male vocalist Andrea Ferro, the group first formed in 1994 under the name “Sleep of Right”. They asked a female friend, Cristina Scabbia, to sing backing vocals on a few songs, but it wasn’t long before they realized that her clear, soaring voice made the perfect foil to Ferro’s deep growling style of singing, and they soon asked Scabbia to join the band permanently. Thus, the three core members of Lacuna Coil that remain today were in place. In 1996, they released a 2-song demo, changing the band’s name to “Ethereal”, and this eventually led to a recording contract with Century Media in 1997 under the name Lacuna Coil.

On their self-titled first effort (a six-song EP released in 1998), Claudio Leo and Raffaele Zagaria played guitars, while drums were the domain of Leonardo Forti. However, these three members left the band while Lacuna was touring with Moonspell in support of the EP. Lacuna Coil’s first full-length album, “In A Reverie” was completed in 1999, with Cristiano Migliori on guitars and Cristiano Mozzati (“Criz”) on drums replacing the departed members. These two musicians proved a good fit for Lacuna, and they’re still with the band today. “In A Reverie” had a heavier sound than their debut EP, and earned the group further recognition in the European metal scene, particularly in Germany and Scandinavia, and somewhat in Great Britain. Ironically, the band says that metal isn’t a very popular style of music in their native Italy, except in the underground club scene.

Next in Lacuna’s discography was the five-song “Halflife” EP, which came out in 2000 and further defined their unique style, which uses inventive songwriting and their signature duality of male & female vocals to portray the good-evil/light-darkness/strength-despair themes that run throughout much of their music. The final member of the group, Marco Biazzi (“Maus”), was added as a second guitarist on this EP, and he completes the band’s line-up as we know them today. 2001’s “Unleashed Memories” was the prolific sextet’s next release, a full-length album that has a grinding, slow & heavy feel throughout many of the songs, much to the delight of their goth fans.

What many consider to be Lacuna Coil’s break-though album, “Comalies” came out in 2002, completely produced in an astonishing two months’ time. This release shone with even more innovative keyboard arrangements and brighter sound effects than their previous work. It showcases their ability to stay true to their patented style while maintaining creativity and originality, so that no two songs sound alike.

With the highly-anticipated release of “Karmacode” finally arriving in the spring of 2006, Lacuna Coil debuted yet a heavier, faster sound while retaining traces of their original melodic underpinnings. The band took some definite risks with the stronger baseline and overall edgier feel to the songs on “Karmacode”. This may be an acquired taste for some fans of the classic Lacuna sound, but marks a creative progression that will undoubtedly attract new fans more inclined toward heavier sounds. Repeated and attentive listening reveals that LC’s core attributes are still audible on “Karmacode”. The slight middle-Eastern flair in some of the new tracks follows LC’s tradition of combining haunting ancient melodies with innovative new hard rock rhythms. This seamless combination of old and new is the hallmark of Lacuna Coil, and perhaps their greatest and most original asset. Hopefully it will continue into many future releases.

Written by Loretta Walters Huston
Sources:, the band’s website; and, the official fan-site

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scabia vs lee | Reviewer: Hosker666 | 10/5/10

I have seen both bands live several times and i must say amy lee can't sing to save ehr life in a live set but then niether can andrea from lacuna. its swings and round abouts but i always have and always will prefer lacuna.... anyway im off to see lacuna coil right now in exeter lemon grove XD bye bye !!

omfg!! | Reviewer: tashh | 5/29/10

I listen to Lacuna Coil, but not as much as evanescence!! Both bands are amazing but you can't compare them. They are two completely different types of bands who play different genres.... Anyone who thinks Amy Lee isn't a good singer, well you freakin' suck! Amy lee is one of the greatest female singers of all time!

OH my Bob! | Reviewer: Steph | 1/28/10

Lacuna Coil is asome!! When i found out about them the first time I listen only to them for about a month. Now I lisen to all other asome bands like krypteria och within temptation. (Pardon my englich it is not so very good.)
I have an note to maria 66.
Me and my friend both com from europe and my friend listen to death metal and I on gothic metal and we both LOVE evanescence.

Lacuna Coil | Reviewer: Kriptik Roze | 9/25/09

Lacuna Coil is possibly one of the best foreign bands I've ever listened to. Cristina Scabbia is absolutely gorgeous and she has the most wonderful voice I've heard in years. I support any decisions they make (even if they're not great) I'm a huge fan and they shall never change for the likes of someone else's wants.

Amazing!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/09

I started listening to lacuna coil about 3 years ago when i was going through some really hard times in my life and their music sortof helped me get out of it n a way. its amazing and angelic to listen to. i love them.

Lacuna Coil In general | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/09

I fell in l,ove with Lunaca Coils cong on GH3 I know not the best way to find a band but I found them never the less. To the people that think Evanscence ripped off LC your wrong I am a major Evanscence fan so I know that to be wrong. Now they do sound like Nightwish imo but I have been wrong before so please don't call me on that one unless you see something big.

-Amel Sunstalker

Original and Best | Reviewer: Annii | 4/23/09

Lacuna Coil are by far my favourite band of all time. I mean, Evanescence are OK. I like one of their songs, but I mean it's not anything like LC...has. Anyway, I don't know about Evanescence, but Lacuna Coil have been around since 1994? Probably longer than them? Correct me if I'm wrong, though. Cristina is so awesome.

Wow. | Reviewer: Evanescence.//. Lacuna Coil Fan | 3/21/09

Funny how people think that Evanescence is a Lacuna Coil rip off. Ha. They ain't. So if you peeps think that, then idk. But, Our Truth is probably their best song. I love their music to death.

no comparison | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/09

Lacuna coil and evanescence ar both great bands but they can't be compared because they r NOTHING alike. Evanscence is soft and depressing, it is a form of rock but not true rock like lacuna coil. i love em both!

Rockin' HARD! | Reviewer: Nick | 7/21/08

I have all of their cd's, posters, and a t shirt, and a bunch of LC gear, not to say that I'm obsessed, but these guys truly ROCK HARD! Also if you like Lacuna Coil, check out Mandragora Scream, and Sirenia.

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