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Lacrimosa Biography

Last updated: 03/27/2012 12:00:00 PM

Lacrimosa started as a solo project by Tilo Wolff. He was born in Frankfurt (am Main) in Germany on July 10th, 1972. At the age of 12 he wrote his first prosaic lyrics which were published in different literary magazines. He gave his first trumpet concert and later on he played the fl├╝gelhorn and the piano. After graduating from school he started working a regular job. In 1989 he published a fan magazine and in 1990 he released his first single (on tape) called "Clamor" which included two songs.

Lacrimosa is from the latin language and means "flowing tears" or "full of tears", being inspired by Mozart's Requiem, one of Tilo's favorite composers. In 1990 he formed his own record company Hall Of Sermon which has later grown to become a major force in the gothic community.

In 1991 the first Lacrimosa album "Angst" was released and the road to underground stardom had begun. For the support tour after the release of Satura Tilo invited Anne Nurmi who was originally from Finland and a member of the gothic band Two Witches. She joined the band on keyboards.

On the "Schakal" single from 1994 Tilo incorporated symphonic orchestration in the music for the very first time. In 1996 Tilo won the "Alternativ Music Award" by Zillo Magazine. In 1999 the band released a new single called "Alleine Zu Zweit" with the participation of the London Symphonic Orchestra.

In 2001 Lacrimosa signed a record deal with Nuclear Blast and released the new album "Fassade".