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Nine Inch Nails La Mer Lyrics

Last updated: 02/07/2010 10:00:00 AM

and when the day arrives
I'll become the sky
and I'll become the sea

and the sea will come to kiss me
for I am going home

nothing can stop me now

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la mer. | Reviewer: c'est la blair | 2/6/10

i adore this song, and it's really haunting, because according to trent reznor, this was the only song he wrote on a retreat where he planned to kill himself...knowing that and listening to this song? eerie, but beautiful.

GAIA | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/09

i have officially figured out the meaning behind this song.. it is the first half in relation to the great below, and its all about how when we die we will return to the earth that gave birth to us.. he published the song in french so that we had to translate it ourselves and get a better understanding of his relation and realization of the connection with mother earth..