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Natalie Cole La Costa Lyrics

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Written by N. Cole and L. Williams

Picture yourself on the sea of a setting sun

The salty air and the taste of your lover's hair

Inside you want to fly

Ah, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi

Come to the magical mist where the oceans kissed

A thousand kisses or more on the sandy shore

And never says goodbye

Ah, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi

Ooh, La Costa, ooh

Ooh, La Costa, ooh

Come feel the warm of the breeze as the swaying trees

Caress the velvety skies like a whisper telling you to come and fly

Ah, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi

Musical Interlude

Run with the wind at your side let it set you free

I'll watch the sun in your eyes as the seagulls fly

Along this lover's isle

Ah, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi

You are my love and my life, you're my everything

You calm the sea of my soul oh so tenderly

It makes me very high

Ah, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi

Ooh La Costa, wee, ooh, wee

Ooh La Costa, ooh

Picture yourself on the sea...

Come feel the warm of the breeze..

La Costa......

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La Costa.... | Reviewer: Ron Wess | 10/4/2004

love this song....grew up on this stuff...I'm from the old school and this is what music was about sounded today well.. it's not the same as then...everything about that song I love... now trying to find it and can't can someone please help me....I have the original album ,but it's in virginia and I now reside in & God Bless..Ron Wess

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