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Hank Williams LOST HIGHWAY Lyrics

Last updated: 09/04/2011 11:00:00 AM

[Written by Leon Payne - ©1949 Fred Rose Music, Inc.]

I'm a rollin' stone all alone and lost
For a life of sin I have paid the cost
When I pass by all the people say
Just another guy on the lost highway

Just a deck of cards and a jug of wine
And a woman's lies makes a life like mine
O the day we met, I went astray
I started rolling down that lost highway

I was just a lad, nearly 22
Neither good nor bad, just a kid like you
And now I'm lost, too late to pray
Lord I paid the cost, on the lost highway

Now boy's don't start to ramblin' round
On this road of sin ,or you're sorrow bound
Take my advice or you'll curse the day
You started rollin' down that lost highway

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Reflections on Lost Highway | Reviewer: Steve | 9/3/11

A truly wonderful classic sung with such pathos and conviction by Hank Williams, Sr.. It is interesting to compare William's rendition with the way the song was performed by the man who composed it, Leon Payne. Payne's singing is brighter, more tenor, and taken at a much quicker pace. Although it is hard to argue with the man who wrote the song, it seems to me that Williams' version - set in a lower key and taken at a more moderate pace - is much better matched to the meaning of the lyrics, the aching sense of a wasted life, of tragic loss and regrets. If Hank Williams had never written a single song of his own, his cover of Lost Highway alone would assure him a place in the histroy of country music.

sung by a lost soul | Reviewer: robert shelley | 5/28/11

Hank Williams music never dies. He was a tortured soul, and like Elvis died at an early age. Even though written by Payne, no one could have captured the emotions like Williams. Good songs just never die.

Grabbed Me | Reviewer: Rose DeShaw | 11/8/09

Had never heard this song before last night. Listening to Country Classics on a bright Novemeber night up here in Canada and it really grabbed me. This is a haunting song that sticks in your head. Johnny Horton sang the version I heard. Then I went online and heard Williams. I am definitely going to look up Leon Payne. (Interesting last name for a blind man, eh? Reminds of the Coen Bros movie, 'Oh Brother,'). I have been working on 2 or 3 songs a week, then take them to the pool where I swim mornings and sing them in the sauna. This definitely is one to sing, along with Patty Page's Cross Over The Bridge which goes along. I'm going to see if she ever sang it. Bridges, Detours and Lost Highways - all the stuff of the journey of our lives & we can only be thankful to men like Payne & Williams for taking such a remorseful look. My thanks. Rose

About Leon Payne, the author of "Lost Highway" | Reviewer: Samm Bennett | 9/2/08

Many, many people think that Hank Williams wrote the song, since his wonderful version is THE definitive version. But it was written by blind country singer and songwriter Leon Payne, of Texas. Payne also wrote "I Love You Because", which was an early ballad hit for Elvis Presley. Leon Payne: look him up!