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While searching for a name for his Electro/Hip-Hop group,
Sky Blu decided to shoot an iChat message to his
grandmother with the latest idea, seeking her opinion.

"Our new name is gonna be Sexy Dudes...what do you think of

Grandma Goodfoot replied, "LMFAO".

Sky Blu, and his partner-in-rhyme, Redfoo, knew grandma was
on to something.

"When we told our friends our name was LMFAO, they loved

Still not completely convinced, they ran it by their
parents to get their reaction. They hated it.

Redfoo's dad said, "Garbage!..I More...

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Review about LMFAO songs
lets PARTY!!! | Reviewer: jazzy
    ------ About the song Party Rock Anthem performed by LMFAO

sorry i didnt do a review on this song for a LONG time. i knew this song since 2012 (i think). do u guys know the dance to this song? i do! all u have to do is shuffle with ur feet. its really easy. all i have to say is AMAZING song.:}

this is a SEXY song. | Reviewer: jazzy
    ------ About the song Sexy And I Know It performed by LMFAO

i'm SEXY and i know it.it's even in the song.that guy is SEXY!and did you see the music vid.it's CRAZY!!!and did you see the part when he's naked on that table.WIERD right?!all i have to say SEXY song!!!;)

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