LMFAO Albums

  • Sorry For Party Rocking Album (6/17/2011)
    Rock The Beat II
    Sorry For Party Rocking
    Party Rock Anthem
    Sexy And I Know It
    Champagne Showers
    One Day
    Take It To The Hole
    Best Night
    All Night Long
    With You
    Put That A*$ To Work
    We Came Here To Party
    Reminds Me Of You
    Hot Dog

  • Party Rock Album (7/7/2009)
    Rock The Beat
    I'm In Miami Bitch
    Get Crazy
    Lil' Hipster Girl
    La La La
    What Happens At The Party
    Leaving U 4 The Groove
    I Don't Wanna Be
    I Shake I Move
    I Am Not A Whore
    Scream My Name
    Get On Down

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