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AC/DC Let There Be Rock Lyrics

Last updated: 09/24/2013 06:19:32 AM

In the beginning
Back in nineteen fifty five
Man didn't know 'bout a rock 'n' roll show
'N all that jive
The white man had the smokes
The black man had the booze
No one knew what they was gonna do
But Tschaikovsky had the news, he said

Let there be sound, and there was sound
Let there be light, and there was light
Let there be drums, there was drums
Let there be guitar, there was guitar, ah
Let there be rock

And it came to pass
That rock 'n' roll was born
All across the land every rockin' band
Was blowin' up a storm
And the guitar man got famous
The business man got rich
And in every bar there was a superstar
With a seven year itch
There was fifteen million fingers
Learnin' how to play
And you could hear the fingers pickin'
And this is what they had to say

Let there be light, sound, drums, 'n guitar, ah
Let there be rock

One night in a club called the Shakin' Hand
There was a 42 decibel rockin' band
And the music was good
And the music was loud
And the singer turned and he said to the crowd

Let there be rock

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Hilarious! | Reviewer: Sydfloyd | 9/3/13

Some of the comments here are hilarious - beyond stupid. AC/DC are NOT to be taken seriously - ever. They are a good time, dumbass rock and roll band with their tongues firmly in cheek. Their music is actually very positive - it makes you feel totally energized, like an adrenaline rush, which is a great feeling! Bon's death shaded the band's history with tragedy, but they recovered well and have continued to give a lot of people a lot of pleasure ever since - long may it continue.

Rain | Reviewer: Perspective | 3/20/13

Devil's music? Could be. In Africa there was a rock concert held in the outskirts of a village and the tribes people who never heard rock and roll before came out of the village screaming and yelling at the band asking them why they were calling up the devil.

LOL | Reviewer: runlevel0 | 10/24/12


I can tell you exactly how Bon's alcohol got poisoned:

Well, at the beginning, there was a tiny cute sugar molecule that split with the rest of his sugar chain and fell in love with an hydroxyl.

But it happens that the hydroxyl resulted a very bad influence. Both started a criminal career and began attacking peoples livers...

Lost so far? Well, to sum up: Ethanol (aka alcohol) is not only one of the oldest psychotropic compounds but also a potent toxic, that's why drunk people are said to be "intoxicated".


Let's Clear Some Things Up (Meaning: Repetition) | Reviewer: Soul Blues | 3/2/12

Since a lot of you don't seem to be able to your own research or read what everyone else keeps on commenting, I will repeat what these good people above have said: Bon Scott was NOT murdered. He was found dead in his car at around 12:00 AM in London, on 19 Feb, 1980. Cause of death? Acute Alcohol Poisoning--A.K.A.: HE DRANK TOO MUCH AND CHOKED ON HIS OWN VOMIT (

And rock and roll is most definitely NOT the devil's music or whatever the hell kind of crapped out bullshit you tiny-brained God-fearing people are saying, anymore than your grandmother is Satan's whore (yeah, sorry for the extreme comparison, but I had to do it shockingly, if you know I mean...seems to be the only way to get the message across to these fucking people who think they know everything and their way is the only correct way). Hell, your grandmother was probably uber-religious too, for all I know, and was the reason behind your own psychotically strong religious tendency. Rock and roll came out of the original blues music from Mississippi, Louisiana, and other states where black slaves had once worked on plantations, and one of their only forms of expression was music. Now, if you wanna start saying that BLUES and BLACK PEOPLE are the devil's work, too, and are brainwashers of young people, you can go fuck yourself, because you're in the wrong fucking ballpark, buddy, the type of ballpark where your face'll get smashed.

Hope that helped. Signing out.


Amazing and epic song | Reviewer: Jimmy Gore | 9/15/11

I love this song. It does an amzing job of expressing the essence of rock and roll. U all shouldnt get down on religion for the mass dissaproval. Sure theres a lot of religious protests over rock but its not led by a unified religion, its led by ignorrant religious people with big mouths. Im religious but love rock music especially ACDC. I even play screamo hardcore rock music but my religious community supports my music. Rock is just so awesome in its depth and psychological intensity that its always going to be missunderstood and hated on... But thats what makes it awesome.

dick heads | Reviewer: | 8/20/11

you know what just shut the fuck up all pf u morons trying to look smart everyone has different ideas
the music is awesome let there be rock is dead and i hate that
anyway enjoy whats left of this gener
i will till i die

Bad influence??? | Reviewer: Rob | 7/31/11

I don't even see the article that you are referring to, I just see your responses. "SO FUCK OFF YOU STUPID CUNTS WHO HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT IS OFFENSIVE FOR FUCKS SAKE.", and "Are you Fuckin stupid.", and "are you fuckin stupid? seriously just go Fuck your self.", and "everybody shut the fuck up and LET THERE BE ROCK!!!!!! stupid religious mother fuckers. If you don't like good music then go to your dumbass church and cry to your fucking priest. and have him fuck you in the ass, Maybe he will knock some god damn senses into your dumbass heads LET THERE BE FUCKIN ROCK!!"

I don't know. I guess that someone made the CRAZY statement that rock lyrics were influencing the tiny minds of young people. Well, those have commented have sure proven them WRONG. Read your own comments, then read the letters to home from soldiers during the Civil War. When you are done, come back and report to us which way society is heading; toward enlightenment and harmony, or toward hell. Listen here you little peanuts, the tiny little world in your head is not all there is. The little bit you know about (your sacred Rock), compares poorly to the vastness of your immeasurable ignorance. Read your own words.

Let there be rock | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/11

everybody shut the fuck up and LET THERE BE ROCK!!!!!! stupid religious mother fuckers. If you don't like good music then go to your dumbass church and cry to your fucking priest. and have him fuck you in the ass, Maybe he will knock some god damn senses into your dumbass heads LET THERE BE FUCKIN ROCK!!

The Things You Read When You Haven`t Got A Gun! | Reviewer: Neil Harvey | 5/10/11

What a wide variety of Nebulous Nerks! Religious Nutters - Conspiracy Wankers - Inflamatory Hate Mongers;and Pig-Ignorant Pseudo-Rockers; all of them - YE GODS!!! Where is The C.I.A. when you Need It?

I won`t go into broad details - but only deal with one elementary point regarding this unbelievably Great piece of Rock `n` Roll (blessings be upon it - may its turban never wrinkle and its elephants never stray!). -
On the point of Tchaikovsky: All you fantasists understand - the reference in the song is to Chuck Berry`s "Roll Over Beethoven". The lyric goes: "Roll Over Beethoven - Tell Tchaikovsky The News!

it`s a humorous Play upon a Classic Rock Lyric; and not (Actually) Tchaikovsky Explicit to any intellectual degree!



SO AWESOME! | Reviewer: Nathaniel | 4/21/11

this song is freaking awesome I've been listening to this band since i was 6 and im 15 i'm such a big fan of AC/DC if bon scott didn't die of alcohol poisoning rock would be better not like Deathklolk or megadeth they scream too much

Conspiracy theorist... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/11

You're just a conspiracy theorist. You sound like this schizophrenic woman I know, talking about how everyone's out to destroy good things.

This is a good song. AC/DC is a good band. Let's just leave it at that.

WTF | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/10

Are you Fuckin stupid. first Bon Scott was Not Murdered. He drank to much and chocked on his own throw up. And thank god for Bon.
Also the song "Highway to Hell" aint about how easy it is to get into hell its about how hard of a life it is being on the road traveling and that its hard being a rockstar. Also "Hells Bells" was NOT about elvis. The part where it says "I'm a rolling thunder, poutin rain
I'm comin' down like a hurricane
My lightning's flashing across the sky" came about because it just so happenes that when AC DC were writing the song it started raining and lightning.
and as for all that other bullshit about the gov. are you fuckin stupid? seriously just go Fuck your self.

2112 | Reviewer: Max | 10/21/10

Let there be rock was released in March 1977.

One year earlier, in March 1976, RUSH released the album and song titled 2112.

The "2112 Overture" contains a guitar adaptation of a familiar part of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture.

A lot of AC/DC was written about Charles Manson or the Manson murders. Angus and Malcolm's brother was in a band call Grapefruit, supported and by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Bon Scott was also murdered as a result of the retarded governments War on Rock (stars). The amount of rockstars that were murdered would make your head spin, if you were paying attention.

When AC/DC returned after Bon's death, they came out with the Black Album, (Back in Black) as opposed to the Beatles White Album, which has Helter Skelter on it and its connected to the Manson murders by the government.

How did Bon's alcohol get poisoned?

The government was trying to kill rock n' roll since Buddy Holly in 1959, if not sooner, since they sent Elvis to the Army in 1958 to shut him down. Elvis was converted by the government and went on to try and kill rock n' roll.

There are over 300 songs about Elvis and most rockers hated him. Why?

Because it was a double agent of the government helping to kill rockstars. Look into it if you think I'm joking. Check his FBI files, and read the Elvis related books.

AC/DC returned with their first Back in Black song called "Hells Bells".

It's a direct reference to Elvis.

I'm a rolling thunder, poutin rain
I'm comin' down like a hurricane
My lightning's flashing across the sky
You're only young but you're gonna die

I won't take no prisoners, won't spare no lives
Nobody's putting up a fight
I got my bell, I'm gonna take you to hell
I'm gonna get ya, Satan get ya

"Rock n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" closes out the album, which contain the lyrics:

Hey there, all you middle men
Throw away your fancy clothes
And while you're out there sittin' on a fence
So get off your ass and come down here
'Cause rock 'n' roll ain't no riddle man
To me it makes good, good sense
Good sense
Oooh yeah
Heavy decibels are playing on my guitar
We got vibrations coming up from the floor
We're just listening to the rock that's giving too much noise
Are you deaf, you wanna hear some more
We're just talkin' about the future
Forget about the past
It'll always be with us
It's never gonna die, never gonna die
Rock 'n' roll ain't noise pollution
Rock 'n' roll ain't gonna die
Rock 'n' roll ain't noise pollution
Rock 'n' roll it will survive
Yes it will, ha ha ha ha

Back in Black was followed up with the album:

"For Those About to Rock We Salute You"

(AC/DC) Rock and roll ain't noise pollution, (OZZY) you can't kill rock n' roll, it's here to stay, (Neil Young) Hey Hey, My, My, rock n' roll will never die...

and on and on...

These rockers knew what was really going on...

The government and CIA was trying to kill rock n' roll.

seriously? what the heck? | Reviewer: the drifter | 8/8/10

ok, why are you talking religion on a song review page? I mean, you all aren't even debating the band members beliefs! oh, and highway to hell said that its easy to get into hell; It had no reference to led zeplins stairway to heaven. magic can be paganistic or satanic, depending on which forms of witchcraft you practice.

Tschaikovsky | Reviewer: Greg | 5/20/10

I was stunned when I found out the Tschaikovsky reference, since I had just thought about another Tschaikovsky-AC/DC link.

In fact, I had just been at an AC/DC concert and I was thinking "Playing with cannons and bells, this is just like Tschaikovsky..."