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Capture The Crown LAX Lyrics

Last updated: 12/28/2012 08:07:36 AM

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We are your everything, your hopes and dreams and envy
These walls will become your best of friends when I am gone
tying the rope at both ends towering over me
the patience is not big enough, is not big enough
Your denial is set stone (set in stone)
Is there enough for you, or is the cup half full?
Or is it empty? How do you expect me to say how I feel?
When I don't feel anything at all?
Say what you will say how you feel
These eyes look like daggers and these streets are ready to kill
Is there enough for you, or his the cup half full?
Or is it empty? Burn baby burn
Say what you will while the going was good
I'll watch you die a little inside everyday.

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