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K-Boy LA Leakers (Skit 1) Lyrics

Last updated: 01/04/2013 04:49:11 AM

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Alright it’s the LA Leakers man
We rockin out the Blue Dolphin mixtape man
You already know what it is man
You know what I’m sayin?
And bein from the LA man
You know what I’m sayin?
We see a lot of shit
You know what I’m sayin?
And not always the bad shit man so
So this the part of the tape man
We just wanna reach out to everybody man
Let’s stop all the senseless violence
Goin all man, let’s be examples for the youth man
You know what I’m sayin?
Shout to the homie K-Boy man who’s had a long road to recovery man
But he’s back, You know what I’m sayin?
He was shot 4 times 2 years ago man
And he’s out here being a good example for the youth man
Putting out this good music
That’s right man
Believe it, it’s the LA Leakers
The Blue Dolphin mixtape
LA, what the fuck is up? Let’s go!

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