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The story of L7 began in 1985,when Chicago native Donita
Sparks, met Suzi Gardner,an ex-Sacremento resident in Los

Both had been previously playing with other various
bands,and a strong chemestry between the two convinced them
to try and start a band.In 1986,Jennifer Finch moved back
down to her native LA, from San Fransisco,where she had
been playing with various bands and living prior to this
year. She was enlisted to play bass,and both Suzi and
Donita played guitar and sang.

With their original drummer,Roy Koutsky,they More...

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Review about L7 songs
Love it | Reviewer: B Dawg
    ------ About the song One More Thing performed by L7

I think the song is about one problem after another, you take care of one thing and then another one comes up. Kind of how I feel right now. But I really love the music on this track, It's so addicting.

Review for L7 shitlist | Reviewer: Tjhoyi
    ------ About the song Shitlist performed by L7

L7, to me, are one of the best female grunge bands. You can put them up there with Hole and... well Hole.
This song, shit list, is one of thier best, the hard grinding melody and the in your face, angry lyrics, are something I think a lot of us can relate to (i have a shit list of my own), top the emotionally volatile lyrics with the lead singers screams and youve got a legendery grunge hit.

road rage | Reviewer: James E
    ------ About the song Mr. Integrity performed by L7

I don't know how many times I have thought of this song whilst driving minding my business and getting hasseled for no reason. This tune is the shizang

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