L.L. Cool J Albums

  • Authentic Album (4/30/2013)
    We Came To Party
    Bath Salt
    Not Leaving You Tonight
    New Love
    Give Me Love
    Something About You (Love The World)
    Bartender Please
    Between the Sheetz
    Live For You
    We're The Greatest

  • Exit 13 Album (9/9/2008)
    It's Time For War
    Old School New School
    Feel My Heart Beat
    Get Over Here
    You Better Watch Me
    Baby (Rock Remix)
    Rocking With The G.O.A.T.
    This Is Ring Tone M...
    Like A Radio
    I Fall In Love
    Ur Only A Customer
    Mr. President
    American Girl
    Speedin' On Da Highway / Exit 13
    Come And Party With Me
    We Rollin'
    Dear Hip Hop

  • Todd Smith Album (4/11/2006)
    It's LL And Santana
    Control Myself
    Favorite Flavor
    Best Dress
    Preserve The Sexy
    What You Want
    I've Changed
    Ooh Wee
    #1 Fan
    Down The Aisle
    We're Gonna Make It
    So Sick (Remix)

  • The DEFinition Album (8/31/2004)
    Rub My Back
    I'm About To Get Her
    Move Somethin'
    Every Sip
    Shake It Baby
    Can't Explain It
    Feel The Beat
    Apple Cobbler
    1 In The Morning

  • 10 Album (10/15/2002)
  • G.O.A.T. (Edited) Album (9/12/2000)
  • Phenomenon Album (10/14/1997)
  • Mr Smith Album (11/1/1995)
  • 14 Shots To The Dome Album (4/1/1993)
  • Mama Said Knock You Out Album (8/1/1990)
  • Walking With The Panther Album (4/1/1989)
  • Bigger & Deffer Album (4/1/1987)
  • Radio Album (4/1/1985)

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