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Billy Idol L.A. Woman Lyrics

Last updated: 05/12/2006 11:00:00 AM

Well I met a little babe
An hour ago
Wonder which way
Which way the wind blows
Loved a little babe in a
Hollywood bungalow
I was rockin' little lady
In the city of light
Yeah hea I'm just another lost angel
In the city of night
City of night
City of night
Woah yeah
L.A. woman
L.A. woman
I said L.A. woman
Oh L.A. woman
Yes L.A. woman sunday afternoon
L.A. woman sunday afternoon
Yes L.A. woman sunday afternoon
I see you ride through your suburbs
Into your blues
Into your blue
Into your blue blue blue blue blue yeah
into your blues
I see your hair it's burning
Hills are filled with fire
If they say I never loved you
Well you know they are a liar
Drivin' down your freeway oh hear
Hills and valleys roam baby
Seen em cops in cars and topless bars
Never saw a woman ha ha ho so alone
So alone (said) so alone ah yeah woah
Wine spo-dee-o-dee
She drink my wine spo-dee-o-dee
Ah wine spo-dee-o-dee she drinkin' wine
Spo-dee-o-dee all day
I took my motor bike out and went for a ride
Slit the throat of the first babe who lied
See it it's twice his size ooh
Wine spo-dee-o-dee all right
Wine spo-dee-o-dee all day
Wine spo-dee-o-dee
Well she drinkin' wine spo-dee-o-dee
It's good for her body
Wine spo-dee-o-dee
Another lost angel (angel angel)
In the city of night
City of night
City of night
City of light
C'mon L.A. woman c'mon
L.A. woman c'mon
L.A. woman c'mon yeah
I said your my woman that's right
I said your my woman
I said your my woman that's right
I said your my woman
I said L.A. woman that's right
I said your my woman
I said your my woman

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Billy Idol-L.A. woman lyrics are so apparently wrong, and not just on this site!!! | Reviewer: lily | 5/5/2005

I checked the web site to see about a few words in the Billy Idol-L.A woman song that i wasn't completly sure about. Only to find that on this and every web site, the Billy Idol-L.A woman lyrics were so apparently wrong!!! It's like everyone must have just copied the lyrics from each other, cause they are all the same, and are all soooo wrong!!!! To begin with the first few lines were already off!!! not to mention most of the rest of the song!!! like where did anyone get the first three lines? It goes.. Well i met a little babe an hour ago, wonder which way, a which way the wind blow, another little babe in a hollywood bungalow... then in the second verse where you have... drivin' down your freeways Midnite alleys roam Cops in cars, the topless bars...That is so not right!! It goes....Ridding down your freeway, hills and valley road, baby i seen it, hogs and cars and topless bars...THEN i'd like to know where in all this does anyone hear as you guys put it...Motel money murder madness Let's change the mood from glad to sadness, Mr. mojo risin', mr. mojo risin' Mr. mojo risin', mr. mojo risin' Got to keep on risin' Mr. mojo risin', mr. mojo risin'...???????? what is that??? it doesn't even sound like that!!! Heres how it goes, now bare with me cause here is where the few words i didnt know come in the mix, but still the rest of what i am saying is more accurate... IT (something something something) she drink my wine (something something something something) and he repeats that twice (x's 2)...then it goes...I took my motor bike out, and went for a ride, slit the throat of birthday blood, see it, it's twice his size... then he repeats the ... wine (something " " " ") thing 5 times.... and then it goes...Another lost angel, in the city of light, city of light, city of light...L.A woman come on " " ( x's 4)...then.. I said your my woman, thats right, (x's 4) then I said L.A woman.. (then again with the).. I said your my woman... till it fades out.... that is how it goes, if you listen to it you will see, and see how apparently wrong it was!!! plus all the extra verses everyone had in it... i just thought i would let you know and try to help you correct it....and since i did all the work for you, all you have to do is listen to it and see, then change what is there!!!

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