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Gob L.A. Song Lyrics

Last updated: 12/27/2003 12:56:30 AM

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Maybe I could find a way
i've gotta make it to L.A.
i'm slipping in and out of your mind now
i don't wanna do it that way
i'm always pushing you down and drag you around
i turn into a jackass when your not around
i'm feeling you out, nailing you down
you always give me something to wrap my hand around
i made a list of rules today
i'm never gonna be the same
i put you in the back of my mind
when you keep me outta trouble ahead
i'm tired of pushing you down i drag you around
i fall into this trap i could easily get around
i'm breaking it down, but where are you now?
i finally learned my lesson to change my style
needed piece of mind
i think i see this time
i break into your life [x4]
right into your life
right into your
maybe i could find a way i've gotta make it to L.A. [x4]

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