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Susan Raye L. A. International Airport Lyrics

Last updated: 03/19/2014 08:12:34 PM

(Words and music by Leanne Scott)
(Used by permission Sony Tree Publishing)

Standing in that silent hall; Waitin' for that final call
Says he doesn't love me anymore
Shakin' hands, I pack a bag; Tremblin' voice, I call a cab
Slowly I start walkin' to the door;

The cab arrives, he blows his horn
I stumble out in the early morn'
Tell him of the place I've got to go
Hit a hundred signal lights; Peterbilts in a traffic fight
Gettin' through these doors has been so slow. ...


L.A. International Airport
Where the big jet engines roar
L.A. International Airport
I won't see him anymore.

Stewardess in a mini-skirt; Hippie in a leather shirt
Starlet on her way to Naples, Rome
While I'm wonderin' where it's at; I see a Paris diplomat
College kids are tryin' to get back home;

Baggage car goes quickly by; See my case and I start to cry
Stumble to the lounge to be alone
And while I'm tryin' to get some rest; I bite my lips and try my best
To fight the pain that's makin' me leave home.


With silver wings across the sky; Vapor trails that wave goodbye
To those below who've got to stay at home
I wish that I had flown at night; So I could take that Champagne flight
Rid myself of every tear I own;

Soaring high above the heavens; In a seven-forty-seven
Fighting back the tears that curse my eyes
Captain's voice so loud and clear; Amplifies into my ear
Assuring me I'm flying friendly skies.