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Baking under the desert sun. Riffs as thick as wet cement.
Euphoria. Power. Kyuss. Formed in Palm Springs, California
in the late eighties, four high school friends brought
together their differing musical influences to create a
potent sound charged by metal and punk rock and infused
with a subtle sexual groove. Vocalist John Garcia,
guitarist Josh Homme, drummer Brant Bjork and bassist Chris
Cockrell made up Sons of Kyuss, their original name taken
from a Dungeons & Dragons game.

In 1990, an ultra-rare LP was recorded after which, More...

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Teeth. Yeah. | Reviewer: StarDog
    ------ About the song Demon Cleaner performed by Kyuss

Homme: "I have a tooth obsession. I've had everything done to my teeth that you could have done. I used to dream about teeth all the time. I've had nightmares about them since I was a kid, like horrible night terrors. I even went the doctor about it, and that's why I hate going to sleep even to this day. I still always have nightmares. So I'd have this recurring dream where I'm getting my teeth pulled out and then I'd flash forward and I'd be in a giant mouth with these teeth bleeding everywhere. And I'd be cleaning these giant teeth while the blood was coming down and I'd be drowning in a sea of toothbrush foam and blood. So "Demon Cleaner" was this metaphor for, you know, you gotta keep yourself clean, you gotta keep yourself tight."

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