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Kyuss Biography

Last updated: 10/10/2010 12:00:00 PM

Baking under the desert sun. Riffs as thick as wet cement. Euphoria. Power. Kyuss. Formed in Palm Springs, California in the late eighties, four high school friends brought together their differing musical influences to create a potent sound charged by metal and punk rock and infused with a subtle sexual groove. Vocalist John Garcia, guitarist Josh Homme, drummer Brant Bjork and bassist Chris Cockrell made up Sons of Kyuss, their original name taken from a Dungeons & Dragons game.

In 1990, an ultra-rare LP was recorded after which, bassist Nick Oliveri replaced Cockrell. The band's moniker was truncated as Kyuss recorded Wretch a year later. In 1992, the band found a kindred spirit in Chris Goss of Masters of Reality and produced the seminal Blues For the Red Sun album. Kyuss toured the world with the likes of Danzig, Faith No More and Metallica. At this point, Oliveri left the band and was replaced by bassist Scott Reeder from The Obsessed. Once again collaborating with Goss, Kyuss recorded Sky Valley, an incredible effort that epitomizes the Sludge/Stoner genre. Drummer Alfredo Hernandez replaced the tour-weary Bjork as Kyuss's final album, And the Circus Leaves Town, was recorded. In 1995, the band called it a day.

The current band line up is:

John Garcia - Vocals
Josh Homme - Guitars
Scott Reeder - Bass
Alfredo Hernandez - Drums