Kym Marsh Lyrics

Full Name: Kimberly Gail Ryder (nee: Marsh)
Nicknames: Kym (obv!) Kiki (other members of Hear'Say) Trio
(because she has a big mouth like the girl on a 80's
choccie biscuit ad)
Place of Birth: Wigan, Manchester
Date of Birth: 13 th May 1976
Star Sign: Gemini
Family: Mum, Pauline, Dad, David, Sister, Tracy, Brothers,
David and Johnathan, Son, David, Daughter, Emily, and
nieces and nephews.
Height: 5' 4"
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Shoe Size: 6
Features: Pierced ears, 4 tattoos (shoulder, back and
bottom! Recently had one added- Jacks More...

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Submit Kym Marsh New Lyrics