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By wearing Kylie's name on her T-Shirt at the 2000 MTV
Europe Music Awards, even Madonna knows that Kylie Minogue
is quite a contender for the title 'Queen if pop' and at
32, entertaining the world for over 14 years, she certainly
deserves the title. Kylie Minogue, who hails from
Australia, began her career as an actress in 1986 starring
as Charlene in the popular soap 'Neighbours', fans were
devistated when she and then real-life boyfriend Jason
Donovan, decided to no longer appear on the soap.

Soon afterwards, at a charity gig, More...

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Review about Kylie Minogue songs
Fun for Christmas | Reviewer: Vani
    ------ About the song Santa Baby performed by Kylie Minogue

Just listened to this on Yu Tube after many years circa 1990 when Kylie was my children's favourite pop star and I would like to make this song my party piece this year, if I can remember the words

Hauntingly beautiful, really there's not much more to say .... | Reviewer: Isobel De
    ------ About the song Where The Wild Roses Grow performed by Kylie Minogue

Hauntingly beautiful in every possible way - this film clip completely captured me (in pretty much the same way as Nick Cave did when I first heard him sing 'Shivers'- 'Dogs in Space' at the Astor - St.Kilda 1987, but that's another story ...) & as I found myself reminiscing about a time in my life when I was young, innocent, open and beautiful (so beautiful in fact that as I traveled around Europe in 1986/7 many people told me that I reminded them of you Kylie ... aah but that's another story too). Thank you guys for reminding me that love is timeless, and for making me believe that, you know ... who knows? Maybe my 'wild rose' lover will one day take me down to the river ... and make me sing like you guys do - hey, who knows? May God bless you both,
love from (the real) Isobel De ...

Good song! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Santa Baby performed by Kylie Minogue

Well if you would want your mistakes corrected, you spelled 'criticising' wrong. It's not 'critising'. 'Just telling you the errors so they can be corrected'...

LOVE this song!!

Love this song ;) | Reviewer: uh...
    ------ About the song Santa Baby performed by Kylie Minogue

This song is just classic.
And to the people that politely pointed out the mistakes (it was nothing, you were just giving helpful advice :D) but why'd you look up the lyrics if you already knew them??? It sounds like i'm being sarcastic, but seriously, its an honest question.
and... LOVE THIS SONG! I even sing it when we're far from christmas xD

burning up part 2 | Reviewer: moni
    ------ About the song Burning Up performed by Kylie Minogue

'Dont put me off cuz im on fire dont quench my desire Im burning up for your love but your not convence that that is enough...Im burning up ,burning up from your love', it the part form madonna's same called song and dont get me wrong their bouth great(even i havent heard the kylies song jet) and almost the same meaning of lyrics.I coulnt help myself noticein kiss;)

few little mistakes but other than that good job | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Santa Baby performed by Kylie Minogue

it's ... 1) I want a yacht and really that's not alot
2) Santa honey, one little thing i really need, the deed
3) santa cutie, Fill my stocking with a duplex
4) santa cutie and hurry down the chimney tonight

... I'm not critising, just telling you the errors so they can be corrected :)

sheesh | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Santa Baby performed by Kylie Minogue

Please, get off your high horse, because you're the one spoiling the mood. Pointing out a mistake is not a criticism; it's pointing out a mistake. Nothing more. If I were the person who inputted the words I'd want to be told where I'd made a small mistake so I could fix it. No-one is being a "smart ass" here.

who cares? | Reviewer: nadz.diney
    ------ About the song Santa Baby performed by Kylie Minogue

the person above me who cares??

It's just one tiny little mistake smart ass! This a great christams song, dont ruin it please! It really gets everyone festive and the original by eartha kitt is brillant! She has a wonderful voice!

extraördinary | Reviewer: altay7a
    ------ About the song Made Of Glass performed by Kylie Minogue

the part that begins with "bohemian boys…" is the most brilliant piece of pop lyric writing I've ever heard. Miranda Cooper stands in euphoric defiance of literal interpretation, and this is her at her kooky best. the lyric added to Kylie's flawless pop vocal instincts make this all-around one of her best b-sides

i am shocked | Reviewer: sopherrrido
    ------ About the song Shocked performed by Kylie Minogue

i think you should change the word 'rocked' to f**ked (use your imagingaition to fill in the blank letters) because that is anyday a naughty word that kylie sings in this song. theres no way it says rocked

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