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On his latest release, One Church, the heralded Kurt Carr
with the Kurt Carr Singers and the Choir of Life are making
disciples of all nations through the power of song.
Kurt and his seven-voice ensemble make music that is truly
multi-cultural and international in scope, and One Church
is easily one of the most adventuresome and exciting
entries into the lexicon of modern Gospel.

“I’ve felt God impressing on me that it was time to really
reach out to the world with our music,” says Kurt, “so it
was very important to me to draw on the More...

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Review about Kurt Carr songs
Revelation/ Gratitude | Reviewer: Genevieve Agu
    ------ About the song I Am The One performed by Kurt Carr

This song revealed to me what i had no idea about before. The act of showing gratitude to God. It brings more blessing, many people only acknowledge God when they are in need and when they receive their blessings they will forget to give thanks. To every listener i know the message must have done justice to have revealed the act of showing gratitude to our maker

the Bible say: you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. | Reviewer: COCO La JOIE
    ------ About the song Something Happens performed by Kurt Carr

My first time to listen to this song, I did not sleep all night long because that led me in the presence of the almighty and I did not any more manage to stop adoring this day. That God blesses you Kurt Carr

truely something really happened. | Reviewer: solomon
    ------ About the song Something Happens performed by Kurt Carr

Anytime am listening to this song, I felt the presence
Of God. Because the name Jesus is a name that demons and
Every living hear most bow.
That is why when we want to pray and say in the name of Jesus,
You are calling the attention of the whole universe to yourself.
So really something wonderful happened anytime the name is mention
What a wonderful and a beautiful song
Kurt carr.

Awesome song! | Reviewer: Annoynous
    ------ About the song Psalm 68 (Let Our God Arise) performed by Kurt Carr

When I first heard this song I started shouting something that I have never ever done in my life. Once u hear this song its very hard not to start clapping your hands stomping your feet or get to feeling happy. Thank you Mr. Kurt Carr I love you and your music, continue to let God use you through your music! God bless you sir!

Omg SUPERNATURAL | Reviewer: Sherre B
    ------ About the song Something Happens performed by Kurt Carr

I am up at almost 2 am worshipping to this song! Over and over again. It speaks every anxiety, every need, every dream, everything I am today in spite of it all. My God, HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!

It is Inspirational | Reviewer: Beea Kpeanebari Fred
    ------ About the song If I Tell God performed by Kurt Carr

Sir, it was really God's inspiration through which you were led to compose and produce this song. It touches me greatly each time it comes to my mind and I sing. It reminds me of the God-Almigty. ''With God all things are possible''

Absolutely inspirational | Reviewer: Yah's Daughter
    ------ About the song For Every Mountain performed by Kurt Carr

I knelt down to worship and praise my Heavenly Father, with tears in my eyes and in my heart. That is what this song leads you to do - simply worship and praise Him, for He is WORTHY to be praised!!! I love my Heavenly Father, HalleluYAH. I love the Son, my Lord and Saviour, YAHshua and I love the Rauch Hakadosh (Holy Spirit). THANK YOU, Sincerely.

will forever be greatful | Reviewer: fafa glover
    ------ About the song I Am The One performed by Kurt Carr

I will always say THANK YOU LORD for that He's done for me ,my life,my work,my finance,my family,my friends n loved ones n even my enemies. Keepn me to this far. Continuing blessing me n saving me from all diseases and my sins. My heart is filled with so much greatfulness n happiness. I will be forever be GREATFUL .

    ------ About the song God Blocked It performed by Kurt Carr

I can relate to this song. Is just like waht ive been through. Indeed, God blocked it. For he said in his word, i will instruct the angels concerning you to lift you in their hands so your foot will not strike a stone. Thank Lord Jesus fo saving my life and giving me another chance to live. Im a living testimony of God's grace.

The miraclous name of the name JESUS | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Something Happens performed by Kurt Carr

I love this song every well becos it has really minister life to me when i was in pain.The name JESUS is so special &miraclous in did.more Grace to you kurt carr &choir members..... patience

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