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Hatred. Terror. Blasphemy. Disgust towards icons of a hollow dogma and the sheep that choose to swallow the lies. The time has come for the superior legions to wreak havoc upon the ruins of a corrupt, disintegrating society.

Inspired by blasphemous and blackened metal, Kult ov Azazel spit forth their own version of hate towards humanity with relentless speed and ferocity. At the closing of an old era, Kult ov Azazel rises from the ashes of the weak to unleash a deadly plague of black metal upon the four corners of the earth...the time has come to embrace the shadows of a new Satanic aeon, and Kult ov Azazel lead the way, torches in hand, prepared for the burning.

The unholy birth cries of Kult ov Azazel were first heard in April of 1999, under the infernal name of Azazel. Hailing from South Florida, masterminds Xul and Xaphan decided to join forces, marching relentlessly towards a shared destiny with a grim vision. June of 2000 marked a turning point for the entity formerly known simply as Azazel. The horde decided to distance themselves from other bands using the same name, and re-anointed themselves as Kult ov Azazel. After the release of the MCD "Order of the Fly" and various split CD’s, which established Kult ov Azazel as an unstoppable force upon the US Black Metal, they signed with Arctic Music Group, ensuring them proper distribution and a good budget with which to create their debut full length. In April of 200l, the much anticipated full length was released. "Triumph of Fire" consists of 11 hymns to the forces of hatred, and lives up to their motto of "No Beauty,
No Atmosphere, No Tranquillity." It proves that true black metal still exists, in its pure, ugly, raw form.

The year 2002 sees the band incorporate a second guitarist, Nocturath, and a permanent drummer Goss "The Hammer". In an astoundingly short time, Kult ov Azazel has evolved from a vision to a band, and to an unstoppable force. They have come to burn the old world and conquer the new; they are the musical embodiment of pure hatred and blasphemy which will be evident with the release of "Oculus Infernum".

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