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Electric Light Orchestra Kuiama Lyrics

Last updated: 10/22/2014 06:02:30 PM

My My Kuiama, she came in the morning
she smiled but the tears on her little face
showed the pain that had been in that far off place
so sad, treated so bad

My My Kuiama, don't break your heart tryin
to say how your ma and your pa passed away
and they left you to wander the ruin and decay
real mean, that bullet machine

See here Kuiama, now ten thousand miles
is a long long way and you're here today
and you won't go back so you might say
hello, how do you do

Kuia stop your cryin, there's no bombs a'fallin
no horsemen in the night a'ridin through your dreams and tearing at your life
baby goodnight

No more silver rain will hit your ground
and no more guns will sound
and no more life be drowned
No more trenches where the soldiers lie
and no more people die
beneath that big black sky

Wake up Kuiama, I got somethin to tell you
it's just that I mean, well that is to say,
that I'm trying to explain but I'll start again,
for you, I must be true.

Kuia in this country, they got rules with no reason
they teach you to kill and they send you away
with your gun in your hand, you pick up your pay
so cool, that no mercy tool

Kuia please believe me? I just couldn't help myself.
I wanted to run but they gave me a gun
and they told me the duty I owed to my Fatherland.
I made my stand.

Kuia I just shot them, I just blew their heads open,
and I heard them scream in their agony
Kuiama she waits there for me
True blue, you saw it through.

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For those who have seen the horrors of war | Reviewer: Andrew Starr | 10/18/14

A Masterpiece in every sense of the word. Jeff here proves what poetry can do, It's horrible, chilling, beautiful, hopeful and unforgettable. Very few songs have touched me the way this song has. The painful regrets many of our soldiers must be dealing with many of us can never understand and it's for this this song really hit's my emotions. It was there duty, it was war, it was ugly but it needs to come out into the light. Jeff I feel hit the mark in one of the finest examples of the power in words and song.

meaningful | Reviewer: Steve Staples | 5/27/14

The song is about a soldier who killed Kuiamas parents.He is explaning what happened during the war to her and her parents.It is a very cool song because Its not an anti war song or pro war song.It is what it is,he got drafted and went to war for his country.Unfortunatley during a battle he killed her parents,and he Is telling her about it.Great writing In this song.

Breathtaking | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/09

Okay, so you listen to this song without the lyrics and it just has that beautiful, peaceful melody to it. But when you hear the words, they're packed with emotion, love, fear, hope..... It's just such a good song, it's hard to describe, just genius... "I wanted to run but they gave me a gun
and they told me the duty I owed to my Fatherland.
I made my stand," is probably the biggest quot from that song... I just love Electric Light Orchestra...

Disturbing | Reviewer: David Van Kavelaar | 3/28/08

I was drawn to Kuiama right after my tour in Viet Nam with the USMC. The lyrics rustle up some rather uncomfortable and agitated feelings and yet there's a somber but gentle understanding of the emotions expressed in the song. To say Kuiama resonates between violent and peaceful emotions within me is an understatement. Sound confusing? I guess you had to be there.

Jeff Lynne's Haunting Masterpiece: Kuiama | Reviewer: Darren Johnson | 1/25/08

The Electric Light Orchestra is too often seen as a light pop-rock band, but "Kuiama" stands out as an example of Jeff Lynne's genius. The song starts out sounding like the waves on a tropical beach, and he pleads to a woman who has lost everything to stop her crying. He's trying to give her hope, now that she's ten thousand miles away. No more silver rain will hit the ground-- no more bullets, no more bombs. But in the end he is enlisted, and becomes part of the killing machine. He wanted to run, but they gave him a gun and they told him the duty he owed to his Fatherland. He made his stand. The last stanza is breathtakingly graphic, as he tells her, "Kuia, I just shot them, I just blew their heads open, and I heard their scream in their agony. Kuiama she waits there for me. True blue, you saw it through." He struggles to justify his violence, while taking full responsibility to the horror in the end, waiting for his love perhaps, or death itself, I don't really know. This is one of the most haunting songs I have ever heard, and it always reminded me of Vietnam when I was a kid listening to it. Ole, ELO!