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Krystal Harris Biography

Last updated: 12/29/2007 11:00:00 AM

Hey Guys....I'm Krystal.

I'm always telling people, "If you wanna know more about Me, just check out My World!" So here we go!!

I'm a 19 yr. old, PianoGirl from Indiana who loves to play! I've been singing since I was just 18 months old, and playing piano since I was 3. I also play Drums, Guitar, Bass, Flute...And anything else i can get my hands on! I grew up an only child; singing and playing in churches with my Mom and Dad (both musicians!). We were constantly traveling and moving around, from town to town, so I never really had any true roots...BUT My Music was the one sure thing I did have, and I knew this would be my Destiny!

Look out for all kinds of styles in my Songs... You might get a little Michael Jackson, or a little Stevie Wonder... Or Live, you might see some ELVIS mixed with a little Creed! I've got so many influences!! Michael Jackson, Prince, Elvis Presley, Mozart, Beethoven....

I love to play, but I love to listen too! ...Here's what I've got in my CD changer right now!!! : Papa Roach =), Limp Bizkit~(with special love to DJ Lethal for scratchin' on my album), OutKast, Eminem, Al Green, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, and (of course) The Backstreet Boys!!

In my spare time, I like to go work-out at the gym, hang out and dance w/friends, or catch a live show! I also collect favorite is "Superman!!" I gotta tell you though, a lot of my spare time is spent just doing more and more music!

One more thing I want to let ALL the BSB fans out there know... it's been a dream working with the Boys and getting to know them...they're like my Big Brothers!....Shouldn't we all be so lucky!!

So there ya go! ...Thanks for checking me out! I love ya'll and I can't wait to meet ya'...=) God Bless~ & Don't forget.....