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Not long ago in my high school days,
I watched a girl from so far away,
But every time she passed me by,
I turned my head away and quietly sighed.
And when she walked by her hair would dance,
A secret tango that only I could understand,
And when she’d ask me for the time of day,
I’d look her in the eyes and quietly say.

Oh Kristina, Kristina, do you have any clue who I am? (HELL NO!)
So listen up cause I’ll tell ya once and I’ll explain myself the best that I can, whoa,
Kristina, Kristina, you don’t know me so ill have to persist, [whistle]
I’m kinda shy so no wonder why,
Kristina she don’t know I exist.

From class to class, I followed her,
But I swore I’d leave her undisturbed,
And if she’d ever stopped and turned around,
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I’d get so nervous that I’d stare at the ground.
And then one day in photography,
I found a contact print that I could not believe,
and there she was staring back at me.
So I took her home so quietly.

Kristina, Kristina, do you have any clue who I am? (HELL NO!)
So listen up cause I’ll tell ya once and I’ll explain myself the best that I can,
Kristina, Kristina, you don’t know me so I’ll have to persist, [whistle]
I’m kinda shy so no wonder why,
Kristina she don’t know I exist.

1.17.98 has been a day that I’ve come to hate,
As I walked into the video store,
There she stood as my jaw fell to the floor.
Tapping her toe, waiting in line,
With a movie and another guy,
Why did I bother, why did I care,
About this girl named Kristina Behr?

Kristina, Kristina, you’ll never get to know who I am (YOUR LOSS!)
This is goodbye so please don’t cry and I’ll let you down as softly as I can,
Kristina, Kristina, another name to cross off my list.
Another life, it could’ve been nice, but Kristina she won’t know what she missed.

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Hot damn | Reviewer: B | 3/4/13

Well, I kinda have the same feeling with this one. My girl friend is named Christina (go figure) and she never really tries to connect with me. She sticks around for sex and the fact that I keep trying like a jackass. It's frustrating, and then she feels the need to blame me for her own stupid acts, like seperating herself from her friends, not knowing what to talk about, and overall being a psychotic bitch. I don't whether or not to give up or not....

I know this feel | Reviewer: Thijs | 2/12/12

so in the summer there was this girl who I really liked
she likes my music and she is beautifull, then she moved to another city and I only see her about 1 time every 2 months and I hate it
and then when I finally got my shit together and tried to ask if she liked me (in a subtle way so not very clear)and I though she meant she liked me back but then about a week later she had a boyfriend
so that was pretty fucked up and I still cant get over her
she won't know what she is missing

god damn | Reviewer: Taylor | 1/13/11

there was this one girl named emma my sophomore year.i coulda sworn she liked me and when i finally mustered up the courage to ask her out but she turned me down. then there came a day when she started goin out with another guy. i was so pissed i couldnt even think straight. but now that i think back i realize it was her loss.

so true | Reviewer: asdf. | 3/21/10

So true ... at first the awestruck stage. "holy shit. she's amazing."
then the "holy crap. she might actually like me."
you feel great for about 2-3 weeks. then comes the "she found someone" stage. which kills you every time.

this song owns.

dam .. | Reviewer: nick | 4/16/09

This is probably one of my favorite songs .. Its perfect at explaining pretty much all the girls I've ever liked lol .. But there was one girl in my freshman year her name was kristina to and this song is exactly the way I felt .. I saw her every single day for about half a year during lunch I sat like right next to her and some of her friends and it always intimidated me she was beautiful and always seemed like a really nice person but I was just extremely shy and knew I probably had no chance anyway .. I think we talked like 2 times but then after awhile id always see her in the halls with some guy its one of those things I regret from when I went to school even though I probably had like no chance with her I still wished I would of talked to her just to see what would happen. Anyway this bands become an inspiration to me im not so great at guitar but they were the reason I decided to pick one up and in my writing

The truth.. maybe? | Reviewer: Mike | 1/27/09

I may have found something VERY interesting and important to this song!

Tomas was born in 1980 in Prague, Czechoslovakia, and immigrated here to the USA, to East Brunswick, New Jersey, in 1985. In 1998, as Tomas graduated high school, Catch-22 was releasing their first album, Keasbey Nights, with this song on it. If the album released in 98, I'd assume Tomas was writing songs for a year prior to that, so he'd still be in high school around this time.

A quick google search for "Kristina Behr New Jersey" yields this page: She's the chopper reporter for a New Jersey new show, but look at the short facts they list for her: raised in East Brunswick, and graduated from Boston University in 2002. Now, if we assume she got a 4-year degree, that'd mean she graduated high school in 97 or 98.

I do not know what high school the both of them went to, but how many "Kristina Behr"'s could be in East Brunswick at that same period of time that Tomas was writing this song? lol

Ladies and Gentleman, I believe I have found us the real Kristina Behr! :D

Just a guess... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/09

I'm thinkin that "Kristina Behr" should actually be "Kristina-Bear", like in a pet name. It sounds really stupid when you hear people use it, but I could see SM using it more readily than an actual last name.

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