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Kris Kristofferson was born in Brownsville, Texas. He
spoke Spanish before English . His father was an Air Force
Major-General. Kristofferson spent his youth moving around
the country wherever his father was assigned. Some of his
songs include, "Me and Bobby McGee," "Help Me Make It
Through The Night," "For The Good Times," "Loving Her Was
Easier, "and "Why Me," to name a few. Kris has toured
several months a year for the last twenty years with his
band and most recently as a part of The Highwaymen with his
longtime friends More...

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Review about Kris Kristofferson songs
Always on My Mind | Reviewer: Sandra Botwright
    ------ About the song Help Me Make It Through The Night performed by Kris Kristofferson

Every night when I go to bed your song is in my mind and the lyrics are on my lips. I wish you were so I could give you a big hug and kiss. Very good song. I write poetry and would be interested in your opinion.

a late gift | Reviewer: Rick
    ------ About the song Here Comes That Rainbow Again performed by Kris Kristofferson

Heard this song for the first time 1 Feb 2011. Amazing cause I have been a Jerry Lee fan since 55, a Kris fan since 75, and a Shelby fan since 95, but somehow I have missed this song all these years. In this ol cynical ride the world is on these simple lyrics with simple people doing simple things subtley takes you heart and blows it completely up. Small lives, in small plsces with each player saving the others life just because they will.Very simple, perfect. Just think if the world lived this song.

I 'chased the felling' too long, not today, Just For Today! | Reviewer: Rev. Hector S. Chacon
    ------ About the song Chase The Feeling performed by Kris Kristofferson

Thanks Kris, for this song. My favorite when it comes to chasing a feeling, that I can't keep. Today I keep sobriety and being clean. Just for Today!'Mt dream is to meet (you) Kris (Kristofferson) some day and gift you a song.
Rev. Hector 'C'

Prophetic. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Year 2003 Minus 25 performed by Kris Kristofferson

This song came out on the first Waylon and Willie album and was so timely then--and when I rediscovered it in 2003 it was like: ok, Kris is the second coming. No one has this kind of foresight. Every word still true, still current, still viable. One of his best.

Thank You for a life changes | Reviewer: Wil
    ------ About the song Thank You For A Life performed by Kris Kristofferson

In your lyrics, you have an instrumental.
I did submit the changes in the lyrics, there is no instrumental. I have a recording of Kris singing this and that is a spoken part. I really enjoy this song and am glad to find you have lyrics posted.

biati---review | Reviewer: Reza.Biati
    ------ About the song Me And Bobby McGee performed by Kris Kristofferson

freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose-----nothing aint worth nothing but it's free

a moment of forever | Reviewer: betty macrae
    ------ About the song A Moment Of Forever performed by Kris Kristofferson

beautiful song very heart rendering moment when at willie nelson concert in glasgow in jan 07 , he sung kris song a moment of forever. i was very moved indeed . i now want to try afford to go see kris at glasgow concert hall this spring god willing

Don't miss this one | Reviewer: Dan
    ------ About the song In The News performed by Kris Kristofferson

A great song, nothing shallow here. But what should we expect from one of the greatest storytellers ever.

it was a suprise | Reviewer: angie
    ------ About the song Loving Her Was Easier (than Anything I'll Ever Do Again) performed by Kris Kristofferson

It was a surprise to me after a long gap in a relationship, which i was very in to. And two years later we got together, and we felt the song was written for both of us.

Great Song | Reviewer: Leslie
    ------ About the song Don't Let The Bastards (Get You Down) performed by Kris Kristofferson

Only Kristofferson veteran himself and son of a general has the right to compose a song like this. I think KK is great anyway...always did.

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