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Actually, KREATOR's history is generally well known.
Everyone, who has followed the metal scene of the last ten
years, has come in contact with KREATOR in one way or
another. KREATOR was founded in a rehearsal room in
Essen/Germany in 1983. Their debut album `Endless Pain' was
released in 1985. `Endless Pain' found instant echo within
the newly formed boundaries of the growing Metal scene.

The channeled, explosively aggressive energy of the band
perfectly matched the life style of it's fans. The years
1987, 1988, and 1989 brought us More...

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Review about Kreator songs
Meaning of the Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Enemy Of God performed by Kreator

This song has always been one of my favorites and because I never really looked much into its lyrics, I always assumed they were anti-God lyrics mainly because I tend to not listen for the lyrics but for the actual music. I myself am religious but I don't mind anti-religion songs.
Anyhow, I looked into the lyrics and after reading them a couple of times, I realized, those lyrics aren't anti-God. If anything, they're pro-God. The lyrics are about the anti-Christ and how the world will be like when he comes.
It's just small things in the song that emphasize it in my opinion.

"Clash of demonic religions, hatred the human divine
Despotic aggressors in triumph they reign
Fanatics bring mayhem to life
War of all wars, foreseen before"
Obviously referring to the war against the anti-Christ when he arrives.

"Total carnage sudden death
Sent from a morbid mind possessed
A godless mekka now awaits, as hellish flames desecrates"
Because, in my religion, the Anti-Christ will raise his sword into the sky and claim that he has killed God and will trick the not too-religious into thinking that he actually killed God so Mekka becomes Godless in their eyes.

"Enemy of God
Purity and innocence is killed
Enemy of God
Peace died long ago when life stood still"
Only emphasizes the meaning even more.

"Shocked orwellian races, gather united in grief
Nothing is left from the world they have known
Grotesque indifferent belief
Systems have failed, rules can't control
Corrupt dictators forever dethroned
Lies of the priest, trust of the blind
Failure of structures manipulate deviant crimes"
Describes how the world will be like when the Anti-Christ arrives.

And finally,
"For those who died along the way, timeless glory awaits"
Means that for those who die along the way of fighting against the Anti-Christ, a timeless, or infinite, glory awaits in Heaven where they'll be alive with glory infinitely.

That's just my interpretation and my opinion.

Anti-Nazi statement | Reviewer: Nils
    ------ About the song Europe After The Rain performed by Kreator

This is the Anti-Nazi statement:


Leider gibt es immer noch viel zu viele Faschisten in Deutschland. (Nazis raus! Nazis raus! Nazis raus! ...)Okay, wenn ihr heute Abend hier in dieser Halle 'Nazis raus' schreit, ist das immer noch nicht genug! Wenn ihr irgend einen Nazi auf der Strasse seht, sagt dasselbe, okay? Sonst wird sich nie was aendern, ok? ... Und wenn die Faschos euch dann irgendwie durch Propaganda, oder wie auch immer, was vom neuen Faschismus erzählen wollen, sagt einfach nur:
Verpiss dich, ALTE DRECKSSAU!!

Thank you!

Unfornately, there are too much fascists in Germany, yet! (Nazis, get out! Nazis, get out! Nazis, get out! ...) Okay, you are sreaming 'Nazis, get out!', but that's not enough! If you see a Nazi on the street, tell him the same, okay? Otherwise it will be never changed, okay? [Dunno how to say his in english, sorry for that:] If the fascists want to tell you something about the new fascism, just say:

Sorry for my bad english -.-

greetings from Germany!

The Drumming is Unbelievable | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Impossible Brutality performed by Kreator

The Drumming on this song is absolutely fantastic, it fits the music so well and fucking textbook example of trash metal drumming!

KREATORS...DOPE" | Reviewer: Litto Wessie
    ------ About the song Violent Revolution performed by Kreator

i LOVE KREATOR, ESPECIALLLLLY violent revolution. People of the lie is great tOO!=D mann its great, if you like kreator you should check out annihilator. or savatage, but Metal Church is really good too! =D check it out, theyre GREAT!

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