Krayzie Bone Lyrics

A.K.A.: Leatherface, the Sawed-Off Gangsta

OTHER ALIASES: Leatherface, Mr. Sawed-Off Leatherface,
K-Bone, Krayzie Big Badass Bone.

REAL NAME: Anthony Henderson.

RELIGION: Johovah Witness

HOMETOWN: Cleveland, Ohio

DESCRIPTION: Krayzie seems to be the most soft-spoken of
the group, often seeming to be lost in his own thoughts and
very contemplative. Layzie has referred to him as "the
silent killer." He is extremely well-rounded in his music:
he probably raps the quickest out of all the Bone members,
and at times unleashed amazing More...

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Review about Krayzie Bone songs
My change | Reviewer: Rob
    ------ About the song Talk To Myself performed by Krayzie Bone

This hit is deep as hell. "The War" most certainly is "Real". Thug on da Line has helped me a lot as well. I've played the album since my earlier 20s. Now 30, all grown up..I still love it and ear so many things (minor & major) inside of this song and Lp. I feel "Talk To Myself" is Krayzie Bone in life mode, speaking on the tracks of life--Risk, Decision, Struggle. And the potential to redeem or triumph.

Good luck, & Love life out there, y'all. Peace

LOL | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cashin Out (Remix) performed by Krayzie Bone

is this even the right song? the chorus says

"got tupac on my neck so yall im cashin out, got big sittin on my wrist so dog im cashin out, got eazy bangin in the deck while im rollin with my heata"

... krayzie bone IS speaking english....

Hoopdollar | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song (Relay) Thugline performed by Krayzie Bone

Theze gurlz got some passion in they flow, you can tell they was hype they was lacing a track wit mr. sawed off leatherface! shiiii i would, but Relay got spitz. Krayzie still showed how much more talented of a artist he is as his verse easily trumps theirs effortlessly

mk | Reviewer: mk
    ------ About the song Hard Time Hustlin' performed by Krayzie Bone

I think krayzie is very honest in this song. Like talking about getting a cold bitch when he was bubbling off the D Game but keeping it in context of his story that he's really running from his family and trouble. First verse is about family and wanting to run, second verse is about getting involved in drugs to improve his situation, third verse is it all crashing down on him, and he knew it would happen. It's just so real and he admits that the problems , even though he got away for a little while with slanging, still are beating him. "I tell the judge straight up, I been having problems and its all because....."

really a fuckin greate piece of art | Reviewer: paleyblown
    ------ About the song Murda Mo performed by Krayzie Bone

They take you strait to the story and how real it is . murder and the tools they and evry one else uses . a 12 guage shot gun classic ment for killing humans . and is so efficent its over 100 year old tool and still is serving its purpose . the way they are able to throw so much detail and description in just three words amazing

o.e.bone | Reviewer: oebone
    ------ About the song Talk To Myself performed by Krayzie Bone

"I TALK TO MYSELF" is one of my favorite songs from kray., it and alot of other bone songs have helped me threw alot of my lifes trials & tribulations. if it wasn't for bone thugz, i would have been dead along time ago..check out kray's new jawn "rescue me" it rocks. -eternal thug

Awesome . . . ! | Reviewer: Paul Newcomb
    ------ About the song I Still Believe ["Featuring Mariah Carey"] performed by Krayzie Bone

I am a huge fan of Bone Thugs N Harmony, and though I enjoy what the group has done with their solo music, I still wish they would come back together!!! "Strength and Loyalty" was an awesome cd, definitely need more :)!!!

This song with Mariah Carey, along with "Breakdown" and "Lil' Love" are awesome!!! Definitely keep it up guys, love the music!!!

"kneight riduz wuz here" lyric corrections | Reviewer: John Landi
    ------ About the song Kneight Riduz Wuz Here performed by Krayzie Bone

after looking up many sites for the lyrics and finding ? in all the sma espots i decided to try to piece the lyrics together myself.

verse 2, line 5: Bleeding terribly lying there you beg for mercy we don't care

verse 2, line 13: We gonna run run run crazy and i'm silent until i slip into my other mode

verse 3, line 4: See the ceiling on your cage is how I kill you

thank you for reading this and please consider changing the kyrics on the web page.

Words flyin' | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Heated Heavy performed by Krayzie Bone

Man that song is the craziest shit i have ever heard...
Man those words fly faster than the motherfuckin "tuk-tuk-tuk" of an AK... Respect.

I'd liketo thank you krayzie bone | Reviewer: aaron
    ------ About the song Let’s Live performed by Krayzie Bone

i want to thank u because all of the things you said about life and it relates to me and the way i live and all of the pain im feeling.....everytime i am down....i just pop in ur album and chill n let all my stress pain fade away so i htank you for taking that record and creating a harmony.....

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