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Kottonmouth Kings are ready to celebrate this year’s annual
4-20 holiday with the release of their “Legalize It” EP,
which will be released through digital retailers on April
20th, 2011. Embracing their passion and talent for creating
music, Kottonmouth Kings have assembled an EP rich in
musical diversity, as they flirt with a number of styles to
showcase their true creative firepower.

"There are people that want to write Kottonmouth Kings off
as a one dimensional weed band, but that is because it's
easy to put a label on what we More...

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Review about Kottonmouth Kings songs
boom clap | Reviewer: zoey
    ------ About the song Boom Clap Sound performed by Kottonmouth Kings

boom clap is awesome
it was on the x factor last night and when i watched it, it was like i knew the words to the song like i had heard it over a thousand times already.

racist wrong lyric | Reviewer: TK
    ------ About the song Who's the Criminal performed by Kottonmouth Kings

It's " now I never under the many stances on the plant" excuse my language but not the "them nigga stands on plant" Why the hell would you think they say that?

A true tribute to Cali the golden state | Reviewer: Chad Ryker
    ------ About the song Mr. Cali Man performed by Kottonmouth Kings

KMK never disappoint these guys rapped shit with Ceekay Jones & Saint Dog to bring out Mr. Cali Man. A true tribute to Cali telling the world California is the bestest tokest paradise to live. Smoking sessions, Barbequing, surfing a true paradise. KMK for LIFE!!! (: Cali Foreve & Long Live the KOTTONMOUTH KINGS!!! (:

Awesome Reefer Madness! | Reviewer: Chad Ryker
    ------ About the song Reefer Madness performed by Kottonmouth Kings

Reefer Madness is the shit, this is my favorite song by kmk. These guys sing about freedom & kush. My favorite part of the song is D-Locs verse "All I Been Doing is smoking a kush" killed it this wasn't in the original kmk album Long Live The Kings but it was in as a smoked out mix, Awesome song & awesome music video! KMK for LIFE! (:

Truly one of the more "into reality" and "application to fake/real life". | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song F.T.I. Z. performed by Kottonmouth Kings

Truly one of the more "into reality" and "application to fake/real life" type of songs. Things like this should be more "vivid" and further "advertised" at the Top Played lists on programs such as Spotify. They did a good job of at least getting KMK on there, but needs to be more easily accessible to people (especially kids) who listen to the top music artists of today's "mainstream" genre on a daily basis and are faithful to the task.

perfect | Reviewer: Hmaston
    ------ About the song Tangerine Sky performed by Kottonmouth Kings

i needed to find a song that i could relate to for my english class assignment. i wanted one that i personally liked, but also one that the teacher might not take offense to!! this one works perfect! and its just a fantastic perspective on everything it discusses.

smokin a blunt | Reviewer: Gabriella
    ------ About the song Rest Of My Life performed by Kottonmouth Kings

well im 16 and have been smokin for four years..not too long but its long enough to make you realize how great it is! anyways,i agree with all you guys. weed legalization would fix so many problems in this dam country! the economy would get better, violence rates would go down, and people would just be way more chilled all he time! the only people ive ever met who dont agree with weed legalization are the people who never tried it..so everyone should just toke it up! :) smoke weed for the rest of your life. be proud to be a stoner. dont ever forget to say goodbye to a tangerine sky. and always have a peace of mind...well gotta finish smokin this blunt, peace.

smokin for toe rest of my life | Reviewer: oliver
    ------ About the song Rest Of My Life performed by Kottonmouth Kings

KMK have great songs and arnt about to let anyone get in the way of smoking weed... thats how i am i dont care if you know i do it.. if you dont smoke then deal with the fact that i do cuz truly i smoke for the people who dont smoke.. im going to smoke for the rest of life hell yea.. im mean if you already started then why quit????? no one likes a quiter.... if you hate to smoke a little bit of weed the fuck you its better then drinking you can still drive and function just fine.. there is nothing wrong with hittin a pipe or smokein a blunt... so yea im just like Kotton mouth kings proud to be a stoner and proud to smoke for the rest of my life... keep it real hit the bong....

meditation | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rest Of My Life performed by Kottonmouth Kings

I'm 18, smoked for four years. I smoke every day of my life...it's my way to unwind. Some people drink a beer, I smoke a bowl. What's the harm? This song is amazing, The Kottonmouth Kings have this amazing ability to say what almost every stoner is thinking...yeah, I AM going to smoke for the rest of my life...When Mary's legal, all the squares out there are going to see that what we're doing isn't wrong. And this song basically mirrors my exact view on the subject..."there's no way you can make me believe that Mary Jane is dangerous...it grows from the ground, it's natural. We all have a right to grow it!"

kottonmouth song corrections | Reviewer: James Rae
    ------ About the song K.O.T.T.O.N.M.O.U.T.H. Song performed by Kottonmouth Kings

During Richter's first verse, after he says bring some cups he says and its on I got a case of guiness and then towards the end after he says ill be repping my town Placentia till Im six in the ground.

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