Kottonmouth Kings Albums

  • Mile High Album (8/14/2012)
    Pound 4 Pound
    Hold It In
    Roll Us A Joint
    Get Some
    Packin the Goods
    High Haters
    Get Out Of The Way
    Kottonmouth Bitch
    Green Dreams (Mile High)
    Honey Dip
    Watch Out
    This Addiction

  • Hidden Stash V: Bongloads & B-Sides Album (11/8/2011)
    Rise Above
    Boom Clap Sound
    Dead 'N' Gone
    Life for Me
    Down 4 Life (Smash Remix)
    Back in Cali
    Kalifornia (West Coast Remix)
    Legalize it
    All I Need (Supersonic Remix)
    Party Monster (After Hour Mix)
    Soon Come
    Reefer Madness (Smoked Out Mix)
    New World Stoners
    Enjoy the Ride
    Cruizin' (Sunsplash Remix)
    Life is Beautiful

  • Sunrise Sessions Album (7/19/2011)
    Love Lost
    My Garden
    Boom Clap Sound
    Back Home
    She's Dangerous
    Ganja Daze
    Closing Time
    Be Alright
    Said And Done

  • Long Live The Kings Album (4/20/2010)
    Long Live The Kings
    Party Monsters
    At It Again
    Fuck The Police
    Reefer Madness
    Kill The Pain
    Simple And Free

  • Green Album Album (10/28/2008)
  • Cloud Nine Album (8/28/2007)
  • Koast II Koast Album (6/6/2006)
  • No. 7 Album (5/31/2005)
  • Fire It Up Album (4/20/2004)
  • Rollin' Stoned Album (10/1/2002)
  • Hidden Stash 2 Album (9/1/2001)
  • High Society Album (6/27/2000)
  • Hidden Stash Album (10/5/1999)
  • Royal Highness Album (8/11/1998)

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