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Kottonmouth Kings are ready to celebrate this year’s annual 4-20 holiday with the release of their “Legalize It” EP, which will be released through digital retailers on April 20th, 2011. Embracing their passion and talent for creating music, Kottonmouth Kings have assembled an EP rich in musical diversity, as they flirt with a number of styles to showcase their true creative firepower.

"There are people that want to write Kottonmouth Kings off as a one dimensional weed band, but that is because it's easy to put a label on what we do. Yes we love weed and champion the cause, but the levels and depths of our songs go a lot deeper than just that one dimension," commented Brad X. "Anyone who can't look past the weed references on our albums are completely missing out on some of our best material. We have a passion for music and that is why on a Kottonmouth Kings record you have punk-rock songs next to hip-hop, as well as mellow acoustic tracks or alt-rock. Yes we do write songs about weed and legalization, but we also write about life, love, politics and the beauty our planet.”

The “Legalize It” EP embraces the hypnotic, positive vibrations of Kottonmouth Kings’ sound. "Rise Above" rallies the group's army of fans to soar above those that would hold you back with a powerful funk hook, while the breezy flowing rhythms and positive vibrations of "My Garden" are simply contagious. The reggae flavored protest track “Soon Come” feels like the group is channeling the ghost of Bob Marley while challenging the listeners to question the war on drugs, and “Defy Gravity” closes the EP with the group flexing their melodic prowess over the top of an irresistible acoustic hook.

The group will also launch a newly updated website for www.KottonmouthKings.com on April 20th, to coincide with the release. The “Legalize It” digital EP is being served as an appetizer for Kottonmouth Kings upcoming full-length studio album “The Sunrise Sessions”, which is set for a July 19th release through Suburban Noize Records.

The track listing for Kottonmouth Kings "Legalize It" EP is as follows:

1 - Stonetown
2 - My Garden
3 - Rise Above
4 - Soon Come
5 - Ganja Daze
6 – Defy Gravity
Apr 17 - Pozo, CA @ Pozo Saloon
Apr 20 - Pomona, CA @ Fox Theatre
Apr 22 - San Diego, CA @ House of Blues
Apr 23 - Las Vegas, NV @ Fremont

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sal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/11

i love kmk the are the shit. my friend and i would fuckin love to meet you. you should come to fillmore utah.... they are so fuckin hot. my friend want to fuck D-loc. and i want to fuck D-loc and Jonnhy Richter... HELL YA

KMK | Reviewer: Stoner Chick | 11/21/10

I love you guys I love your music. I am a big fan and cant wait to see you on tuesday at the gothic theater in Denver Colorado. You have alot of fans out there and you deserve everyone of them. See you tueday got to join the circle.

Your the best people out there | Reviewer: DAT BOY JOSH RUTTER | 6/26/10

you teach us that when you go through life its fucking crazy shit.i've listened to mostly every song you have and all of them are BAD ASS!!! LET'S ALL GET A BONG AND TOKE UP...you should try to email me i ain't got nothin better to do besides smoke weed with my cousin BRANDON VESSILO!!!!!!!!


kmk bby !!! <3 | Reviewer: Raeann | 5/15/09

i just thought i would let u guys know that i think u guys are thee best ever and i love listing to your guys music and i absolutly love it you guys should come out to *RIVERSIDE* the 951 !!! you guys have alot of fans out here

Lyfe | Reviewer: Haley Selvy | 4/24/09

So, KMK is one of the coolest band sout there. They sing about things I want to hear. Its, just a bonus that they are sexy as hell. If you listen to the words every song means something and thats what I love the most of all. T hat I can go back and just listen to what KMK has to say. To me KMK is more than just a band, KMK help when I am down and also my friends its something we all like to hear and that will never change.

kottonmouth kings | Reviewer: logan | 3/31/09

i just wanted to say you guys are the shit. im from maine an me an my buddies listen to you guys all the time. You guys should try to do some shows in maine you guys got alot of fans out here. keep on blazing legalize it!!!!!
were sick of those po po's!!!!

keep makin cds we love you guys

I have ahole lot of ideas u may like. | Reviewer: wanda brown,a.k.a belle | 2/27/08

You may know me as just another fan.Who would love to meet you and hang out with you .Yes i am one of those but i have alot of ideas that you may be interested in.I listen to your music all the time ,NOTjust listen but sit at home and really sit there and understand your music and lyrics .Its funny because my boyfriend laughs at me because of some of the stuff i come up with but then says thats good wanda you should write them and give them some of your ideas but it is hard when you dont know who reallly reads your mail.But hey if you get mine and you are wondering about my ideas dont be afraid to write me back i promise not to bite just maybe blaze a little smoke that i may have on hand and drink a budlite then finish with a marlboro red because we all know we have bad habits so peace and later boys blaze all day each day nobody way but our way -BELLE-

New New shit!!!! | Reviewer: Cadi | 9/26/07

What's up to the Kings of "WEED". The new shit that yall just dropped is bomb. I think "Cloud Nine" is the best album yet. It's real tight how you got "Tech n9ne", "Big B", "Sen Dog" and "Dirtball" on the DVD I could watch that shit all day, I can't wait for your new tour so I can kick it wit you guys again up in Albuquerque that shit was fun. Well keep on "SMOKIN" like I know you will. And good luck to "Pakelika" I hope you win (lol). You'd be one "BAD ASS" president. Much love and respect. Keep rollin them J's

I LOVE YOU!! | Reviewer: Danyle JOnes | 9/11/07

I love you guys so much.In West Virginia all of us LOVE you guys.Your our favorite people in the world.Keep it reel.&& We love you!!!


fan | Reviewer: codi houck | 9/7/07

I have beeen a fan for 10 years and longer i rilly want to meet the kings my self i wont to hag out with them i dont have en Email address and we play the hand we are delt

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