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Musical revolutions can foment in the oddest places:
Athens, Georgia. Aberdeen, Washington. Bakersfield,

That's right, Bakersfield; a bleak, arid little town just
west of Death Valley that could double as a David Lynch
movie set-if there were anything going on, that is. As a
kid Fieldy Arvizu spent much of his adolescence "standing
around in dirt fields, drinking beer, watching other kids
fight." At some point, Fieldy and some friends decided
their time would be better spent taking out their
frustrations on musical More...

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Review about Korn songs
LOL | Reviewer: lol mclol
    ------ About the song Shoots and Ladders performed by Korn

It's honestly pretty dumb to overanalyze the inclusion of the "Ring Around the Rosie" lines when almost every other line in the song is meaningless. What's so "dark" or "evil" about "Mary Had a Little Lamb" or "This Old Man"? When I was 9 or 10 I thought this song was cool until the 30 second mark or so. But I was smart enough to throw it on the nu-metal garbage heap after that.

Who gives a fu**, sounds awesome! | Reviewer: Komplex@Tuga
    ------ About the song Make Me Bad performed by Korn

I had the album 'Issues' when it came out, I would listen to it from the first to the last track, I just love all the songs and all the kinda mysterious atmosphere it transmits. Later I lost the CD, just downloaded it to my computer a few months ago, and now I wake up, and just hit play on this one song, because not of the lyrics, I think, but the way it sounds, and the way it makes me feel. I actually feel like it reliefs me from pain. I just listen and I can feel the pain going away... Don't ask me how that happens, it just does... But hey, I definatelly have Issues!

heartbreaking | Reviewer: Fabiola
    ------ About the song Kill You performed by Korn

Jonathan Davis had a really fucked up childhood, no doubt about it. He uses all of that pain in his music. That's why I love Korn. It breaks my heart with so much violence, I cannot explain.
Great song, so sad it's based on a true story, but great song.

this song | Reviewer: brandon edge
    ------ About the song Ass Itch performed by Korn

kicks so much ass. an accurate expression of the fucking futility and frustration of trying to write songs that don't want to get written. one of the few songs on this subject that don't suck.

just sayin | Reviewer: shooga
    ------ About the song Got The Life performed by Korn

Love the song. Hope everyone realizes that we can't interpret songs that isn't our own. Who knows what the meaning of the song is, for all we know they could've just wrote it to make it fit with the instumentals. They all were on drugs so who knows what was going on in their heads.

KoRn <3 | Reviewer: luis
    ------ About the song Kill You performed by Korn

This is really deep shit, this is why I love KoRn , they can be fucked up when they wanna be,its the feelings the emotions you feel from there songs when you hear it looks like you re in the song and in jonathan davis soul up in the stage its just fantastic I love them so much keep up the great work <3

Absolutely Love! | Reviewer: Cynthia
    ------ About the song Freak on a Leash performed by Korn

Korn as far as I remember has always had the best songs! When I came from Mexico in 1998, I heard them for the first time.and fell in love with Jonathan Davis. Later when I learned english I started to understand the words better and fell even more in love love with korn. This song is one of my top faves regardless of what it talks about. Music these days is shit so I listen to the old stuff.

Good song | Reviewer: Lolnoobs
    ------ About the song Thoughtless performed by Korn

The song is about him fantasising what he would do to the abusers if he could. But the whole time he is just thinking about what he would like to do to them. How many of you had someone in life who was just plain shit to you and you daydreamed about punching the shit out of them? Everyone, I bet. Difference here is that it is expressed in song form. It's a good song.

Blah blah blah | Reviewer: Jesus Freak
    ------ About the song Got The Life performed by Korn

To the people who defended God that's awesome but we ain't never gonna help no one find him by judging them for what they believe. At one point I stood where they did and people trying to shove God in my face didn't do anything but make me want to run from it even more! Jesus wasn't twisted he hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors. He didn't scold the prostitute that he saved from gettin stoned to death. He simply told her to go and sin no more. We are human we are all messed up in the head and some of us as Christians fail to remember we ain't perfect either. The Bible says arguing with a fool makes you one too. Not on those words but that's what it's basically saying.

why do people lesson to this depressing song? | Reviewer: 712065
    ------ About the song Coming Undone performed by Korn

What...was that? I worry about people who make songs like these.
It makes me sad, since this is all my extreamly depressed brother lessons to...I don't think it's healthy, and I'm scared for him.

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