Koda Kumi Lyrics

Name: Kouda / Koda Kumi
D.O.B: November 13th 1982 (20)
Place of birth: Kyoto
Ethnicity: Japanese
Blood type: A
Zodiac sign: Scorpion
Chinese sign: Dog
Career: Solo R&B singer
Fav color: Green
Fav traditional Japanese music artist: rice granary
interest period
Fav singers: Christina Aguilera & Ja Rule
Fav music: Rock, R&B
Favorite word: Once in a lifetime
People she respects: Her parents
Future ambition: Self produce
Debut date: December 6th 2000

Kumi Koda (known as "Koda" in the U.S.) – Kumi Koda’s first
single TAKE BACK charted 18th in More...

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