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Shut out, pimpled and angry.
I quietly tied all my guts into knots.
Gave up on trying to make them,
I figured it'd take them too long to look up and besides...

It was undeniably clear to me i don't know why
When every other part of life seemed locked behind shutters
I knew what worthless dregs we've always been.

Lucked out and found my favorite records
Lying in wait at the birmingham mall.
The songs that i heard,
The occasional book
Were the only fun i ever took.
And i got on with making myself.
The trick is just making yourself.

But when they're parking their cars on your chest
You've still got a view of the summer sky
To make it hurt twice when your restless body
Caves to its whims
And suddenly struggles to take flight...

Three thousand miles north east
I left all my friends at the morning bus stop shaking their heads.
"what kind of life you dream of? you're allergic to love."
Yes i know but i must say in my own defense
It's been undeniably dear to me, i don't know why
When every other part of life seemed locked behind shutters
I knew the worthless dregs we are,
The selfless, loving saints we are,
The melting, sliding dice we've always been.

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Waldo | Reviewer: Dejan | 2/9/13

No one forces you to read people's interpretations, you self important arse. This section is here for all people (not just Pitchfork readers and the terminally smug) to share their ideas. If your vast intellect cannot grasp that, sod off.

Please Stop | Reviewer: Waldo | 4/21/09

Nothing kills a song for me like reading the pathetically stupid and poorly conceived interpretations of idiot fanboys and girls. The song is what you want it to be. Keep it personal. Don't pour out your jejune opinions on the content or its melodramatic impact on your prepubescent, embryonic soul.

wow!!! | Reviewer: alissa | 5/29/07

this song is so so so amazing. i just cant believe what i was missing before i became a shins fan. the songs that mr. mercer writes are amazingly deep as well as pleasing to the ears.

i found the deeper meaning in this song, i hate to say, but not right away. it took me a while. the line "but when they're parking their cars on your chest you've still got a view of the summer sky" is so fitting to everyday life. it explains to the very last detail how no matter what things cloud your vision, you always have your sense of who you really are.

that is such an important thing for people to remember, to always just be themselves.

if youre not a shins fan, i say this with utter seriousness

Kink Echo | Reviewer: terrette | 5/2/05

Once I heard this piece, I knew I could finally give my "The Kinks Are the Village Green Preseveration Society" a rest. It's been years. Years of waiting for Ray Davies to come out with a follow-up to the group's inimitable 1967 classic. Now that we have the Shins to listen to, that vain hope shall no longer need stroking. A brilliant gem of pop craftsmanship, indeed.

Know Your Onion! | Reviewer: Brian | 4/24/05

This just has to be like the greatest song in the history of man/womankind. It's upbeat, fun, interesting, and intrigueing. I don't know what it is about this song but it just gets to you...Especially once you hit the 1 minite marker in the song. At this point I suggest you crank up the volume and close your eyes for a second and imagine yourself in the desert. Ya sounds wierd but trust me it will make you feel good like your on drugs or something.

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